What determines the place the fallen beings are in? 

Question: During the Mother Mary 500 vigil of this year, each time I read these lines: “Divine Director shatter the energy veil and expose the existence of fallen beings in the astral plane that started out as either co-creators or angels in a previous sphere.” Or this line: “Divine Director, shatter the energy veil and expose that the fallen beings in the mental realm have taken on an appearance as professors, learned people or philosophers.” Then I start to wonder what exactly determines the place the fallen beings are in. In one case they take physical embodiment in other cases they stay in the three higher planes. Why does the astral plane belong to a higher octave if there are beings there who reached the lowest point?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar- Being the Divine Mother.

Basically, it is the consciousness of a fallen being that determines where it will end up. There are some fallen beings who have started to grow gradually, so that they do not need to be in physical embodiment. There are also some fallen beings who have manipulated themselves in a position where they do not want to take physical embodiment and they are allowed to be in that position, because they can still teach people on earth certain lessons. That is why you have the dark master in the lower etheric or identity realm. You have others that have manipulated them into the mental realm and are controlling the intellectuals who are in embodiment.

Now, in terms of the astral plane. It is correct that the astral plane is part of the emotional octave. And in the way we normally explain this, the lowest in vibration is the physical, and then comes the emotional, mental and identity. Yet the reality here is that, after the fallen beings started embodying on this planet, some of them committed such physical acts that they were no longer allowed, for a variety of reasons, to return to physical embodiment.

Therefore a place had to be created for these life streams, so they could still be associated with the earth for a time. In fact, this realm had already started to be created by humankind before the fallen beings arrived here. Because there were certain people who had committed such physical acts, that it would be very difficult for them to go directly back into physical embodiment. They, so to speak, needed a place where they could stay for a time before they went back into a physical embodiment.

Being that the emotional realm is more fluid than the physical realm, there was a realm, a part of the emotional realm that was set aside for these life streams that were in such a low state of consciousness that it could not return to physical embodiment. But they really were not ready to be in the higher realms of the emotional octave. So a lower realm was created.

I know it can be difficult to envision this with a linear mind. Because you tend to think that if the physical plane is the lowest of the four realms, then it should have the lowest vibration. But you need to recognize here that there is a difference between physical energy and emotional, mental, identity level energy. In other words, the physical energy can only vibrate within a certain spectrum. But the emotional energy can vibrate within a broader, a wider spectrum than the physical. That is why it is possible to create a realm of the emotional realm that is much lower than the rest of the emotional realm.

What you understand here is this: the model we have given you is that the energy flows from the spiritual realm, into the identity, into the mental, into the emotional and into the physical. This process is still going on, but this has nothing to do with the astral plane. The astral plane is a separate compartment of the emotional realm, and the energy does not have to flow through it to enter the physical. It is simply in order to create this sphere where certain life streams of the original life streams on earth can go and where some of the fallen beings can go before they are ready to come back.

You also have several periods in the earth where the population has been much lower than it is today. You will see this even in recorded history. At that point, many of the lifestreams that cannot have a physical body need to go somewhere else. And depending on their level of awareness, they can go in the identity, mental and emotional level, but some with a lower consciousness go into the astral plane. And when they are there, they still have an opportunity to grow. But they also have the opportunity, of course, to reinforce their mindset. And this is what has created different levels, or rungs of the astral plane, that go towards lower and lower levels.


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