What can I do to have better eating habits?

Question: I feel happy and satisfied only when I eat unhealthy foods. When I eat healthy, I feel like something is missing that I am not full. What can I do to have better eating habits?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2020 Webinar – Increasing Your Christ Discernment.

Well, the answer is partly in the question: “What can I do to have better eating habits?” For many people eating is a habit. There is a certain habit that you have formed, perhaps since childhood, perhaps even over lifetimes. You can form the habit where even at the physical level—at the level of your body, your body only feels satisfied when it gets the kind of foods that it is used to. Because your body has adjusted to a certain type of food and digesting that food and taking nutrition from that food, so the body can feel that it has not gotten enough nutrients, when it doesn’t get the food it is used to.

Now obviously, you do need to look at general guidelines for what foods contain the nutrients that your body needs. I am not saying that you should eat foods that do not contain enough nutrition.

Eating is a very individual matter. Some people need, for example, more protein than others. And they cannot fulfill that by being vegetarians, for example. The question is, “What is your definition of healthy food? What is your definition of unhealthy food?” This is something you need to look at.

Then you need to consider that you have two things that are going on in the world concerning diet and nutrition.

You have these collective entities that have been built that cause people to introduce eating habits of eating certain types of food. You will find them locally around the world where certain countries, they eat certain foods, and people have a habit of eating this kind of food.

Then the other tendency you see in the world is that there is—as a result of a growing awareness of everything, including nutrition—there are all of these nutrition gurus that spring up. Many of them have an ambition of making money or becoming famous and they launch these sometimes elaborate theories about a better way to eat. In some cases, they may have some points. But the fact of the matter is that you cannot create one single theory about nutrition that fits all people. You need to somehow tune into your individual body.

The tendency that you see in the world, and you see it among many spiritual people, is that you come across some kind of system or idea about nutrition, you decide with your outer mind, or perhaps you even feel some intuitive prompting that this is what you should follow. But then you become very strict and rigid in following it. And this is where you do as we have said before, you attempt to use an idea to force it upon your physical body. This has caused many spiritual people to start eating a certain diet that simply does not fulfill the nutritional needs of their bodies.

For example, many, many spiritual people have forced themselves to become vegetarians, or even vegans, when their bodies simply cannot get enough nutrition from this kind of diet. Not only protein but often also minerals. You need to consider: is my body actually signaling to me, that the foods that I think I should be eating are not fulfilling its needs.

You also need to consider that if you have a habit of eating what is clearly according to normal standards, unhealthy foods, such as junk food, then your body can have built this habit of feeling that unless it gets a certain amount of carbohydrates, for example, or fatty foods or fried foods, it just is not full, it does not feel satisfied.

This can even have an emotional level component where you feel satisfied by eating these kinds of foods, emotionally. This is where you can then discipline yourself to not eat these foods, and eat more healthy foods. You may need to do this for some time, until your body or even your emotional body develops, or sheds the old habit and develops a new one.

You can of course, also look at your attitude to nutrition, your attitude to certain foods, your attitude toward your body, and use our tools for discovering what selves you have that relate to the body, to how you see the body in general and to nutrition in general. You can then make progress with resolving some of these, which means that sometimes you do not have to force yourself to establish the new eating habit, it just happens spontaneously, as a result of you resolving these selves.


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