What can happen if the original inhabitants of earth are left alone on the planet?

Question: Question about original inhabitants of earth and the conditions they had before falling into duality. If we have a golden age and fallen beings are gone and avatars are gone, what happens then? Can earth and original inhabitants go into a downward spiral again?

Answer from the Ascended Master Jesus through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Estonia in 2017.

So let us imagine that we have a state where the fallen beings have been removed from the earth, what will then happen? Well, it doesn’t necessarily mean that if the fallen beings are removed, all avatars also have to go. Once you have taken embodiment on a planet like earth, you have a right to stay there if you choose to do so. And so you could have a scenario where a number of avatars would choose to stay in embodiment in order to help the original inhabitants.

However, you also need to recognize that before the fallen beings can be removed from the earth, the original inhabitants have to have transcended the state of consciousness they had when the fallen beings were allowed to come here. And so that means that when the fallen beings are removed, the original inhabitants will be in a higher state and therefore it is less likely that they could go back into a downward spiral.

But of course again, free will is free will and it must be allowed to outplay itself so you can certainly have a planet and earth is actually one of these planets where you can have a certain period where the inhabitants whether you call it a root race or wave of lifestreams have reached a certain level where a number of them can ascend. But then those who are left do not have a high enough level of consciousness to maintain the upward spiral and then they go into a downward spiral.

Then you can have a point where for various reasons whether the fallen beings come here or not, the original inhabitants turn around the downward spiral and begin climbing again to a point where again another wave can ascend and then those who are left can again start again start going down.

So you have on many planets including earth, you have this up and down motion. And it is somewhat of a dilemma for the ascended masters because there are many examples where you have had a positive spiral and you have a high level of civilization on the planet and this has been driven by a small number of people who are now ready to ascend. But if they all do ascend then those who are left cannot maintain the upward spiral and so go down.

And so the question is how we deal with this and there are various scenarios, sometimes avatars will take embodiment even if there are no fallen beings. Other times we will just allow the planet to go up and down because every time it goes up, some lifestreams make their ascension and then they can work with those who are left from the ascended level and then seek to prevent the downward spiral. But even if there is this up and down movement it could still mean that a planet serves its purpose as a platform for the ascension of lifestreams.


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