What beliefs are behind the female genital mutilation?

Question: What beliefs and ideas are behind the mutilation of women’s organs. What do people need to recognize in Islamic nations in the Middle East and in African countries to end this inhumanity?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar – Being the Divine Mother.

Well, the ideas behind this actually go very, very far back beyond recorded history. They go into things that we have never even really talked about, certainly not in this dispensation, but a little bit in the previous dispensation of the Summit Lighthouse, where we talked more about the persecution of women on Lemuria and Atlantis, the murder of the Divine Mother, and so forth and so on.

But in recorded history, it can obviously be traced back to the Old Testament, the view that women caused the fall, that Eve caused the fall of Adam and therefore women are responsible for the fall of mankind. This has caused some cultures, some groups of people to believe that eating the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden was a symbol for Adam and Eve having sex in the Garden of Eden.

And therefore, some believe that sex is sinful, inherently sinful and that what caused Eve to seduce Adam was that she wanted sexual pleasure for herself. And this sexual pleasure is centered in the clitoris and therefore when that is surgically removed, women cannot have sexual pleasure and therefore they cannot seduce men, they will not have the same drive to seduce men and lead men into sin. There are also some that believe that women should be punished for the fall of man by not being allowed to have sexual pleasure.

All of these ideas are completely wrong. They are complete lies and illusions out of touch with reality. They have nothing to do with divine revelation but they originate with the fallen beings who are only seeking to create division and chaos and put women down.

So what needs to happen in Muslim countries and African nations? Well, ultimately these beliefs need to be challenged but because these beliefs are so interwoven with Islam, even though they are not in the original revelation given through Mohammed, it is difficult to eradicate them.

The best opportunity to eradicate this is an increase in the level of the basic humanity. And as we have talked about before, it must start with mothers who have had their own genitals mutilated, who have experienced this as a very traumatic experience, for many the most traumatic experience in their lives. And they will awaken to their own humanity and say: “I will not do this to my own daughters.” And as they refuse to do so, it will begin to have more of an impact, because the men also will not want to do this.

Many men will not want to do this, some of course will, but if women say: “I will not allow this to happen to our daughter, if you want it done, you do it, you take her.” That can begin to have an impact where men also will directly experience the trauma their daughters go through, and they will not be able to continue it. Unfortunately, the realistic scenario is that many more young girls will have to suffer in these nations before the practice is fully abandoned. This is an unfortunate reality on a planet like earth.


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