What are the main spiritual reasons for accidents?

Question: I fell on a mountain in January and broke my wrist. Whenever we have any of these mishaps, we sort of over-analyze it, guessing whether it is due to karma, the backlash of dark forces for our spiritual work, or just one of the many possibilities on a very dense planet. Should we go through this inner search, or just demonstrate inner balance and holding the path amidst missed hard external circumstances?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary  through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Ending the Era of Ideology.

Well, it is correct that you should avoid over-analyzing. In fact, you should avoid analyzing at all, and take an intuitive approach. Try to step back from the event, try to empty your mind of any preconceived ideas of whether this could be karma or dark forces or this or that. Go into as neutral of a state of mind as you can. And simply consider the question: What did this mean for me? Why did this happen to me?

And then you might get an intuitive prompting. If you get the intuitive prompting that it is karma, then you can use violet flame decrees to consume any karma you might have, that caused this and that is not resolved by the incident. If you get the impression that it is caused by dark forces, then you can step up your protection decrees, use decrees to Astrea to cut you free from any ties to this. And if you get the impression that it is simply a part of the chaotic environment in which you live, where certain things happen that is not caused by your karma that has not been caused by dark forces, then you can of course, simply adjust your attitude and not worry about it, and not worry about it happening again.

But there are, of course, other reasons why something like this can happen. And it can happen because there are various selves you have. There are some people that you say are accident prone, because they have certain selves that make them have a certain attitude to life. We have talked about before that there are many situations in life where the difference between a physical event happening and not happening can be a very fine balance. And this is where your attitude can have a certain impact on whether the physical event happens or not. There are some people who have an attitude where they attract accidents. There are some people who have an attitude that: “Oh, it will never happen to me”. And this means that they can also attract an accident, partly because they are not alert.

When things like this happen, you could also seek to get an intuitive guidance on whether your attitude had something to do with the event happening. You can also seek to get intuitive guidance on whether you simply are too careless about the activities you participate in. Obviously, you will see that there are certain activities where people are more likely to have accidents than others. I am not, thereby encouraging you to go to the extreme of never wanting to go out and get out of bed. But there are certain activities where you are more likely to have accidents than other activities. And you might consider whether you have had a too optimistic attitude to such activities.

I am not saying you cannot walk in the mountains. But you need to realize that when you do these activities, you have to be very alert for the potential of accidents. In other words, there may be a path that is more dangerous than another trail and therefore, if you are alert enough, you can avoid that path, or you can avoid that particular passage on a trail where there are loose rocks or a more steep climb, or loose footing.

What I am saying is this, you need to again, consider as a spiritual person, that there might be certain activities that you need to select out. For example, this messenger realized even as a child that he needed to avoid activities that involved high speed. For example, he knew intuitively as a child that he was not supposed to get into downhill skiing, riding a motorcycle, or doing other activities like this that involve very high speed that could easily cause an accident and where the difference between an accident and not having an accident was very narrow.

And so many of you might consider the same: that as you walk the spiritual path, you might use your intuition to see whether it is time to give up certain activities, where you are more prone to have a physical accident. I know this is a delicate matter. It is an individual matter, because obviously you can say, what causes the most accidents is probably riding in a car. But how can you live in many societies without riding a car? But then again, you can be more alert, you can take certain precautions, avoid driving fast, avoid driving in dense traffic, and avoid risky situations. And therefore, you can participate in the activity with a higher alertness that makes it less likely that you will have accidents.


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