What are our blind spots?

Question:  We have heard the Masters talk about some of the blind spots that students had in the Summit Lighthouse. Can the Masters discuss some of the most common blind spots that students have in this dispensation, including those participating in this call, especially those that have the greatest potential to slow our growth?

Answer from the Ascended Master Jesus through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Being the Open Door for Planet Earth.

Well, we have in many dictations talked about the blind spots that people can have in this dispensation. Certainly, what I just said, there is always a temptation to think that you will reach some ultimate level, that now we have the ultimate spiritual teaching, the highest spiritual teaching, now we have the ultimate messenger, we have reached an ultimate understanding of the teaching, an ultimate internalization of the teaching.

You can say that, with any spiritual organization, any spiritual teaching, there is always a potential for going beyond the teaching, making a direct contact with a spiritual teacher and ascended master, being open to the flow of the spirit. And therefore, you can transcend the outer teaching, and actually reach higher than the outer teaching. Or there is the temptation that you can think that you have now reached some ultimate level because you understand this teaching, you have given so many decrees, and so forth.

You can go back to the teaching I gave two thousand years ago, and you can say that we are giving a much wider, much higher, much more advanced teaching today. But still, even the teachings I gave back then it was possible to transcend the outer teaching, to open yourself up to the flow of the spirit, to make contact with the Ascended Master Jesus Christ, and thereby qualify for your ascension. Not very easy to do in one lifetime, but over several lifetimes, and you can see certain Christian saints who have achieved this. But of course, it was not possible for the general population.

On the other hand, you can say that with the teaching we are giving today, there are many more people who have the potential to take advantage of this teaching and qualify for their ascension. But certainly again, the broad population are not ready to do this, because the teaching is simply too advanced for them. But of course, this can change as we move further into the golden age, and more people will be able to grasp the teaching.

It is really in every teaching, the tendency to focus on the outer teaching, to use the linear mind. One of the most common things we see in this teaching is that there are still some people who are trapped in the linear analytical mind. They want to apply it to the teaching instead of actually acknowledging the many, many things that we have said about going beyond the limitations of words, the limitations of the linear mind. But this is not really specific to this teaching, it is the same in all teachings.

There is also the tendency that you read the teaching, you understand the teaching intellectually, but you cannot apply it to yourself. You fail to make that switch where you realize: “Oh, the master is actually talking to me”. You still think the master is talking to someone else or about someone else. But you fail to realize: “Oh, but I have that kind of a separate self that the master is talking about. I have that kind of an attitude, I have that kind of belief about the spiritual path.”

We do see people in this dispensation, a smaller percentage than in previous dispensations, but still a percentage of people who fail to connect the teachings to themselves. We have in the last year seen some people who have this teaching, have studied this teaching, but they are still pulled into this vortex around vaccinations, wearing masks, the United States election, and suddenly this has become more important to them than the teaching.

And again, this is fine, this is the experience they need to have. But it really comes from a failure, an unwillingness of these people to apply the teachings to themselves and realize: “But I have an attachment. I am the one who have an attachment to this opinion to this issue. Why is this so important to me?” And as we have said, at this webinar, if you want to make maximum progress, look at yourself: “Do I have a very strong reaction? Do I have a very strong opinion? Do I feel it is really, really important that this opinion is right, that this is true, that this is validated?” Then you know, there is a separate self hiding behind it. And then use the teaching about this, to look at, look for that separate self and see it for what it is.


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