Western attitudes to Russia before the war in Ukraine

Question: The Baltic States, Poland, Ukraine and the Russian opposition warned the West that after the wars in Chechnya, Georgia in 2008, Crimea and Donbas in 2014, the organized migrant crisis and the persecution of the opposition in the Russian Federation, Putin would not stop. But the West especially Germany, Merkel, with their money for gas, the Nord Stream 2 pipelines and cosmetic sanctions, in fact, has nurtured a new tyrant and his war on Ukraine and Europe. Why? What was the reason for such an attitude? Was it just the West’s leaders’ ego illusions to have these projects and to bind Putin economically, or was it just commercial greed, or to avoid confrontation because of fear of it? Or was it their psychological illiteracy regarding Putin or the influence of the dark forces?

Answer from the Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2022 Webinar – Democracy and Christhood.

Well, I have already commented at length on this in my latest dictation, where I talk about the mindset of the West. What I will say here is that, yes you can, in a certain sense, say that they were not aware of dark forces, fallen beings working through Putin. And therefore, they could not really understand the evil that is working here. But this is, again, as I said, in my dictation, part of that phase that the democratic nations have gone through. You could say that what is lacking in terms of Christ discernment is a deeper understanding of evil and the cause of evil. And that, of course, is not there primarily because of the scientific materialist mindset that dominates many Western nations and their thinking. They will not think in terms of evil forces that could take over people’s minds.

Again, you can say, was it a mistake? But as I said, in my dictation, if you look at it from the ascended master perspective, we do not think in those terms, we simply say, this was what it was given the state of consciousness at the time. And now that, so to speak, the bubble has burst, then we need to focus on what the democratic nations can do to move forward and to move the world forward.

I will say that I understand fully that there were people in the Baltic states, there were people in the Russian opposition, who clearly saw Putin’s intentions. And you can always look back and say they were obviously right. Well, yes, they were but nevertheless you need to recognize that these people also had an unrealistic vision in the sense that their vision of what the West should do about this was not realistic.

If you look at the situation, what could the West have done? What could the West have done? Well, they could have attempted to assassinate Putin or they could have launched an all-out war against Russia, potentially risking a nuclear confrontation. But it is not realistic of the Russian opposition to expect the West to do this, nor is it realistic of the people in the Baltic states to expect the West to do this. As I said, given the mindset that I described, of wanting Russia to evolve into a nation, and giving them some time to do this, it just was not realistic. And really, what was there that the West could have done directly about Putin? Now they could have done more as I said, especially after 2014 but nevertheless, as I said, the equation was what it was, and therefore, you have the situation you have now and how do we move on from there.


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