Was King David wrong to kill Goliath?

TOPICS: Old Testament represents mythical state of consciousness – self-defense not ultimately justifiable –

Question: Since God’s ultimate ideal is nonviolence, was King David wrong to kill Goliath? Was there a literal King David as the bible teaches, or this is a fallacy also?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

There was a historical King David, although, as with virtually everything else in the Bible, the stories of King David have been somewhat embellished by people in a certain state of consciousness. As I explained elsewhere, humankind has gone through several levels of consciousness. During King David’s time people were in a mythical state of consciousness, and they would use mythological stories to illustrate spiritual truth. At the time, most people did not take these stories literally.

A problem arises when people in today’s more rational state of consciousness look at these mythological stories and attempt to interpret them literally or explain them rationally. This cannot always be done. Nevertheless, there is actually a truth to the existence of giants, and even mainstream science will one day be forced to recognize the archaeological evidence.

As I explain in my discourse about the war with Iraq, there can be certain instances where killing is justified as self-defense—although that is not an ultimate justification. I would consider the slaying of Goliath as one example of self-defense.


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