Was Jesus an occult teacher?

TOPICS: Jesus had inner teachings – the authorities labeled him as a dangerous teacher of occult knowledge – the modern anti-cult movement would have persecuted Jesus – occult is not necessarily of the devil – people who label ideas show their state of consciousness – Christ mind allows you to discern what is light and darkness – who is it the devil seeks to fool? – the devil can win two ways – for some it is better to close their mind – for most people it is time to be more open – letting go of the fear-based approach to religion – the dilemma Jesus’ faces –

Question: Dear master Jesus: I have been talking to people and informing them about the book The Christ Is Born in You and this website. I have been very open and honest with them but most have told me that I am dealing with material involved in the occult. In most Christian practices the occult is viewed as satanic and should be avoided. 

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

Thank you for raising this very important question. I do indeed have some thoughts for you to ponder. Let me begin by giving a common definition of the word occult, as found in the dictionary:

Related to or dealing with supernatural influences or phenomena.

Beyond the realm of human perception or comprehension.

Accessible only to initiates.

Hidden from normal view, concealed, secret.

If you read the New Testament with this definition in mind, you will see that every aspect of my teachings, as recorded in the scriptures, deals with the supernatural. Much of what I say is beyond the realm of human comprehension and cannot be understood through the relativity of the dualistic mind, which is the normal state of consciousness for most people. You will also see that I gave my disciples certain advanced teachings that I did not reveal to the multitudes [Mark 4:34].

Therefore, one could very well say that everything that is recorded about me in the official scriptures can be used to label me as an occult teacher. This is indeed what the orthodox Jews did to me when they brought me to trial and crucified me. Surely, they used different words, but the essence of their argument was that I went beyond their orthodox doctrines, and therefore I was not of the truth, not of the light, not of God. Consequently, they accused me of being of the devil.

I can assure you that if the terminology had been around back then, the orthodox Jews would have labeled me, Jesus Christ, as a very dangerous New Age Cult leader. They would have found ample ammunition for this accusation in the statements I made. I told people to leave their jobs and their families and to put me before everything else. I told people to be willing to lose their lives for my sake. Can you see how the modern anti-cult movement would have had a field day with these statements? Can you see how they would have denounced me and put a label on me as being of the devil?

Can you also see that even those in orthodox Christianity, who claim to be my representatives on earth, have used a fear-based mindset to create the idea that anything which goes beyond orthodox Christian doctrines is occult and that anything occult is of the devil? It is erroneous to say that anything occult is of the devil. Occult simply means something beyond normal human comprehension, and this also applies to God. Would you label God as being of the devil?

In reality, Christianity has been turned into the same kind of fear-based religion as the orthodox Jewish religion that crucified me. This fear-based approach has been taken to the point that if I appeared in a physical body today and preached my true inner teachings, I would be persecuted by orthodox Christians. They would label me as being of the devil or call me a cult leader. Indeed, this is how some of them label the teachings I bring forth on this website.

As explained in the book The Secret Coming of Christ, those who take a fear-based approach to religion will reject anything that goes beyond their orthodox doctrines. They do this by creating an artificial label and saying that anything which goes beyond doctrine fits that label, and therefore it is of the devil.

This, of course, is a very immature approach to religion, and it springs from fear. It also springs from a refusal to take up the responsibility of becoming a Christed being and building your attunement with your Christ self, so that you can discern what is of God and what is not of God. It is a sad fact that many of the leaders in orthodox Christianity think that they represent me on earth, think that they are following in my footsteps, yet they are refusing to put on the Christ mind and discern between the true inner teachings of Jesus Christ and the outer doctrines that are like whitened sepulchers filled with dead men’s bones.

It is necessary for a sincere spiritual seeker to recognize that the devil has a clear purpose. He is trying to fool those who are my best servants on earth. He is not concerned about those who are completely enveloped in the dualistic mind, because they are already in his power. The devil’s main concern is to fool those who have already found some truth but have not yet manifested the Christ discernment that makes it possible for them to see through the subtle lies of the devil.

These are precisely the kind of people that you are meeting in orthodox Christianity. They have seen the truth in my teachings, and they have the potential to rise to a higher level. Yet because they are not willing to confront their fears, they remain paralyzed by those fears. This, of course, is what the devil hopes will happen. You see, contrary to what many people believe, the devil knows he can win two ways. His main goal is to prevent the appearance of a large number of Christed beings on this planet, because he knows from my example that he cannot control a Christed being.

One way to do this is to seek to use people’s fears to make them loyal to a traditional Christian church, which states that I am the only Son of God, and therefore no one else could possibly manifest Christhood. As long as the devil can scare people into accepting this lie, he has them where he wants them. The other way he can win is to get people to rebel against God’s law.

It is a sad fact that many Christians refuse to exercise their power of discernment, and they will not look at anything beyond orthodox doctrines. For some of these people, this might be wise. If they are not yet ready to take responsibility for their spiritual path and make an all-out effort to increase their attunement with their Christ selves, they would not be able to see through the subtle lies of the devil. And therefore it might be safer for them to stay in a traditional religion for a time.

If you look at my discourse on the levels of spiritual attainment, you will see that some lifestreams are so confused or wounded that they need the outer stability of a traditional belief system in order to be healed. Yet there are many lifestreams in this age who need to come up higher in order to make further progress. They need to move into the phase of being spiritual seekers who are open to ideas that go beyond orthodox doctrines.

If they do not take this step, they will stagnate, and therefore they will essentially become the prisoners of the devil, whom they are seeking to avoid by taking refuge in a Christian church. In other words, there comes a point where a lifestream can no longer make progress by staying in a fear-based religion. To make further progress, the lifestream must run the risk of opening its mind to new ideas. Obviously, this leads to the risk that the lifestream might open its mind to false ideas. Yet it is a basic fact of life that if you are afraid of falling down, you will never learn to walk. In a very important discourse, I explain that any religion can become a trap that prevents your salvation.

Obviously, I am well aware that many lifestreams are facing the dilemma that you see outpictured in your Christian friends. They need to move forward and open their minds to a higher understanding of the spiritual side of life, yet they cannot quite let go of the fear-based approach to religion. That is why they cling to orthodox Christianity, which seems to offer them a safe haven. This is precisely why I have asked Kim to create my website and write the books. My purpose is to give these Christians a way to open their minds to new ideas without being exposed to false ideas. Obviously, the ascended masters are also using other methods for bringing forth a variety of true spiritual teachings in this age.

Unfortunately, there is no way to guarantee success in the material universe. My dilemma is simple. In order to help people come up higher, I must give them teachings that go beyond orthodox doctrines. Yet the very fact that the website and the books contain ideas that go beyond orthodox doctrines makes it predictable that some Christians will label these teachings as occult or even of the devil. Even I cannot solve that problem. I can only bow in respect to people’s free will and wait for them to make a better decision.

If you feel an inner prompting to attempt to help these people open their minds to a higher understanding, including giving them the teaching I have just given you, then I certainly will appreciate your help in this matter. Just make sure that you are non-attached to the outcome, as I explain in the last part of The Christ Is Born in You. LINK Present people with the truth to the best of your ability, and then set them free to make their own choices. As a representative of Christ, you should never attempt to influence people’s choices. That is what the devil has been doing since his rebellion against God, and it has never been the way of the Christ.


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