Virtual reality as a tool on the spiritual path

Question: What is the potential of the technology we already have manifested in supporting self-transcendence? Can VR (virtual reality) for example, really support us in moving beyond a certain mental box? What are your thoughts on that? Does a virtual immersion experience have the potential to help us transcend our status quo? I kind of imagined it to be like you describe it in your etheric retreats, where we see our subconscious images and forms played out on a screen. 

Answer from the Ascended Master  Saint Germain through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar for the Liberation of Women.

You are very correct in seeing that there is much technology that can be used for a positive purpose. Virtual reality is one example of this, where you could very well, if you had the vision, or if people were open to the vision, create a virtual reality environment that would be specifically designed to challenge certain mental boxes. It could very well show you that there is an entirely different perspective on a certain aspect of life than what you were brought up with.

You could also create certain virtual reality environments where you could have something similar to what we described in the Path To Self Mastery books on various of our retreats where we can make certain things visible on a screen. This couldn’t, with current technology, would be what you actually have in your four lower bodies, but you could still program something into the environment that would be based on general tendencies where, for example, people could become aware of anger and their tendency to react with anger to certain situations and stimuli.

Many other things could be eventually programmed into it. And there is in fact a real potential that in the coming decade or more, some of the more progressive psychologists may find a cooperation with some of the more progressive computer programmers, and they might create some of these programs that can help people deal with various psychological issues. It could be sort of a virtual Gestalt therapy, if you will.


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