Violence against women

Question: Hidden violence, abuse and murder of Russian women by Russian men in marriages and family situations has been highlighted in news reports recently. It would seem to be very widespread in Russian society. What is in the upbringing of certain Russian males that is turning them into these misogynistic monsters?

Answer by Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels, given at a conference in Estonia 2019.

Well, this isn’t a particular Russian phenomenon as you will see that there are surveys that show that violence against women is a worldwide phenomenon. I will not say that it is not worse in Russia. But it is not something that is only a Russian phenomenon. It isn’t so much that there is something in a particular upbringing that is the cause of this, whether it’s Russia or other countries.

It is actually really a matter of there is a very, very strong tension in the collective consciousness, that is a worldwide phenomenon that is getting very, very close to women in general, worldwide waking up and demanding, better treatment. It isn’t just about violence, it’s about many other things.

We do actually have plans to release a book with invocations about this at some point. But again, there is time and space, including the messengers time and space and ability to bring out so many books. But because of this tension in the collective consciousness, there is a movement in the three higher octaves, the identity, the mental and the emotional realm, by the fallen beings to stop this awakening of women because they want to keep women suppressed because of the tension it creates in society.

What you are actually seeing is that there has been created these demons in the astral plane, that will use any man that is vulnerable to create violence against women. And it’s not that there is necessarily something you can pinpoint in the upbringing of particular men, because you will see that even in Russian society or in Arab countries, not all men are violent against women. Why is there two men who can have very similar upbringing, have grown up in the same culture, one is violent one is not. In many cases, this is a complicated individual issue that goes back several lifetimes.

But of course, it also needs to be said that there are certain cultures, certain nations where men are more frustrated, they have a higher frustration level because they feel like they cannot reach their goals in life. They want something that they can’t have. And there is certainly a growing frustration in Russian society among Russian men, that they want to have more opportunities, but they feel they are held back. They can’t do it. And now they feel frustrated. They can’t even provide a decent living for their families.

You have the same thing in many Arab countries, many of the poor countries, so there is created in the astral plane, this growing frustration in men. And at the same time, there are these demons that are trying to take over men’s emotional bodies and get them into that blind rage where they their take anger out on the woman in their life. And this is a deliberate effort by the fallen beings.

If you are concerned about this, you can certainly use some of our invocations, for example invocation to Astrea, that you can rewrite for this particular purpose. But in the not too distant future, we do want to bring out a book* with teachings and invocations such as the one about how to stop war, about how we can overcome this persecution of women in many different ways that is happening in society.

*  The Spiritual Liberation of Women book ,  Liberating Women Webinar 2020.


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