Validity of the teachings given through the sponsored messenger 

Question: What if a messenger gets stuck or falls to a lower level of consciousness? Is the work which was brought before still of value?

Answer from the Ascended Master Jesus  through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Ending the Era of Ideology.

Well, the simple answer is, of course, that if a messenger is a sponsored messenger and has a mantle, then as long as the messenger has the mantle, the teachings brought forth through that mantle are still valid. But there is a certain complexity you can add to it.

In the Summit Lighthouse, there was a certain culture that was gradually developed, that the messenger was a messenger because she had a very high level of spiritual attainment before she came into this embodiment, she had been an embodiment for a long time on earth, she had been prepared for many embodiments to become a messenger, she had reached a high level of consciousness, she had certain special abilities, and so forth.

Based on this culture, you could say that many people believed that the messenger was a messenger because of her attainment. And there was no question about whether she could become a messenger, or whether she could, continue as a messenger. But the reality is a little more complex. The reality is that being a messenger, you are basically always on trial. There is never a point where you are a messenger because you have reached some ultimate level of consciousness from which you do not need to grow. There is never a point where you can say: “This person has reached this level of consciousness and received the mantle of a messenger and could never lose it”.

The reality is that as a messenger, you are always on trial, because it depends on various things. It depends, among other things on your intention for being a messenger. Do you at some point, start using it for personal aggrandizement, setting yourself up in a certain position, having power over others, telling them what to do, working out a comfortable lifestyle for yourself by having people support you or whatever it may be?

There can be a personal intent for being a messenger. And you can start as a messenger by having some personal intent, but then you have a certain time to transcend it. And if you do not transcend it, you can lose your mantle. There is also the fact that when you start as a messenger, you have a certain level of consciousness. Any previous messenger has started at a certain level of consciousness, this means that at that level of consciousness, you are able as a messenger to bring forth teachings at a certain level. This is perfectly valid, because there are many, many people, students or potential students who are at the level of consciousness where they need that level of teaching and this is all they can grasp.

However, what happens then, if you after say, a number of years, we have now given all the teachings we want to give for that level of consciousness. What happens to the messenger? Well, if the messenger has not been willing to transcend his or her level of consciousness, we cannot give a higher level of teaching through that messenger. This does not necessarily mean that the messenger loses his or her mantle. That depends on complex factors, including whether there is another messenger in embodiment who can take over that mantle at the time.

And so, you can see that there are messengers who become a messenger, because they have a certain level of attainment that allows them to bring forth that level of teaching. And if the messenger does not transcend that, when we have brought forth the teachings we want to give for that level, then the messenger may lose his or her mantle, but may also retain it for a time, where we can continue to give more and more dictations for that level of consciousness.

But you will see that there is not really any new level of teaching brought forth through that messenger. You can see this in several of the previous dispensations if you study them closely, which I am not necessarily saying that you have to do, that is your choice.

There are also certain messengers who become messengers, not because they have already achieved a certain level of consciousness, but because they have the possibility of achieving it. So, they are not given the mantle as a result of their attainment, but their potential attainment. This, of course, means they do not really receive as high of a mantle, as a messenger who has attainment.

But nevertheless, there are people who have been given an opportunity to function as a messenger. But it is contingent upon them using that opportunity to transcend their level of consciousness, raise their level of consciousness. And in some cases, these people are not willing to do so, so after a time, they stopped functioning as messengers, in some cases, because they make the decision to stop. In other cases, because they lose their mantle. In some cases, they continue to take dictations, but they are not from ascended masters, they are from beings in the mental realm.

I am not here intending to be specific, and name specific people or organizations. I am simply giving you these teachings and by going back to the question, if you take a messenger, who had a certain level of attainment, and brought forth a certain level of teaching, it is not likely if the messenger had attainment, that that messenger is going to sink into a lower state of consciousness, or go into a downward spiral. That is not likely to happen.

But it is possible that the messenger will stay at that level of consciousness and not transcend it, which then means that the teaching given through that messenger was of course valid. But it is very important to realize that it was valid for a certain level of consciousness, therefore, it was not the ultimate teaching. If you now take such a teaching, and you build a culture in an organization that this was the ultimate teaching, the highest teaching on the planet, then you can actually pervert the purpose of giving the teaching, which is to lead to continued growth.

And of course, if you go into the state of mind where you say that: “Our messenger was the ultimate messenger, and no person who claims to be a messenger, after ours is a valid messenger, because our messenger brought forth the ultimate teaching”. Well, in that case, you have truly perverted the purpose behind progressive revelation. It does not mean your teaching is invalid. But it is not valid to project that nobody should study a teaching coming after yours.

Now you look at the messengers who were given an opportunity to become messengers, these people did not have the attainment, they had the potential to reach it, but they still had certain illusions. And for such a messenger who has a lower mantle, it is possible that their consciousness can color the message to some degree. Even though they gave or received dictations, and they had a certain mantle, there can still be a certain coloring in those dictations that was not the highest possible. This means that the dictations are partly valid and partly not valid. It does not necessarily mean that they are completely wrong, but they are colored, they are somewhat subjective.

Now, you can of course go into an entire discussion of whether any messenger is completely neutral, because as we have said before, any person who grows up in a certain culture has a certain mindset, has a certain way of using language. And therefore, this will give a certain coloring to the message. You can see in previous dispensations, where the messengers had grown up in America, where these organizations and even the teachings given were more focused on America. And you can see, this messenger who did not grow up in America is not quite as focused on it, because he grew up in a different culture and a different mindset.

There is a coloring to any messenger. But again, this is acceptable, because it makes the teachings easier to grasp for people who have grown up in a similar culture. There may be, of course, some cultures that are so different from the messenger’s native culture, that people find it difficult to relate to the teachings. But you do see that there are many, many students throughout the world who have been able to relate to this dispensation, and also previous dispensations. It shows you that there are many students who are willing to transcend their particular culture and can still find universal elements in the teachings brought forth by a messenger from a different culture.

We cannot necessarily say that this is a problem for the teaching. But it is, of course, necessary for you to understand that no messenger can be completely neutral, because no messenger of the ascended masters is in a trance. The teaching always comes through the messenger’s consciousness, and is clothed in words in the messenger’s four lower bodies. It can be no other way. It is not meant to be any other way, at least not at the present level of the collective consciousness of earth.


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