Understanding vs. experiencing reality 

Question: You said that the Pink Petal of the Threefold Flame is located on the right side of the body (from the side of the right hand), and the Blue Petal is on the left side. But Pink is Yin, Love, Feminine aspect, and Blue is Yang, Power, Male aspect. It seems more logical that Pink should be, inside us, on the left, and Blue should be on the right? Why is this not true? Do the images show a “mirror image” or is the polarity in the physical body different from the polarity in the etheric body?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar- Being the Divine Mother.

My recommendation is that you go over carefully the dictation I gave earlier, where I talked about the thinking mind, the linear analytical mind. What this mind will do is it will take any teaching and seek to understand it from a distance. Then, it will create a more and more elaborate understanding. Suddenly, it will come up with questions that cannot be answered in the original teaching. It will come up with something that seems like an enigma, seems like a contradiction. Then, it will focus more and more on these questions and what does this do to you? It causes you to focus in the linear mind instead of using your intuitive faculties to experience what is behind the outer teaching.

We are not interested in having you understand intellectually your Threefold Flame. We are interested in having you experience your Threefold Flame and when you do, these questions simply fall away. They completely evaporate and become irrelevant in the light of the direct experience.


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