Unbalanced attitude towards money

Question: I have been suffering from money matters through my life. But since I have walked the spiritual path, some urgent money problem was solved miraculously last year. However, another money problem came up. I am still suffering and experiencing hard knocks. What would be the lesson that I have to learn from these repetitive patterns?

 Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Being the Open Door for Planet Earth.

Well, you need to learn, of course, that there is something in your attitude towards money that is unbalanced. And you need to discover what that is, by using the tools we have given in Healing Your Spiritual Traumas and other books. As we have said before, many spiritual people have the sense that you should not have money as a spiritual person, that you should not be focused on money. And therefore, many spiritual people subconsciously reject money. And if you have this belief, then you need to look at it, identify the separate self, and just let the self die. There is nothing inherently unspiritual about having money or making money, as long as it is not done in ways that take advantage of other people.

You also need to recognize that some spiritual people have the attitude that they should focus on their spiritual beliefs and not be concerned about money. And therefore, they do not want to make the decisions that are needed to make in order to have a stable economy. You need to look at whether that applies to you, whether there are certain decisions you do not want to make, in order to, for example, hold a job, have a better job, get an education, or whatever it may be.

It is more constructive for your spiritual growth that you have a certain basic income that gives you a comfortable life, that can give you time left over to focus on your spiritual growth than if you constantly have money problems that also eats up your time and energy.


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