Ukraine in NATO?

Question: From the ascended masters perspective, do a critical mass of the Ukrainian people wish Ukraine to have membership in NATO, and why? From the ascended masters perspective, is the issue an indicator of the general level of consciousness?

 Answer from the Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar for Russia  – Overcoming the consciousness of superiority and the sense of being unwhole, traumatized and focused outside oneself.

I would rather rephrase the question and say, is there a critical mass of people in Ukraine who want to live a peaceful life, have a peaceful future without interference from any external nations, which, of course, in practice means Russia? And the answer to that is clearly, yes.

There is a critical mass of people, in fact, a majority of people in Ukraine, when you look at Ukraine as a whole, who want to live a peaceful life, and they do not want interference from Russia, or anyone else, for that matter.

The entire issue of membership of NATO really comes from only one factor, and that is that most people in Ukraine do perceive Russia as a threat to the national integrity of Ukraine. They feel that Russia has an aggressive intent for the Ukrainian nation and does not want Ukraine to develop as the majority of the people in Ukraine decide.

It is very simple, the people in Ukraine want to pursue the growth of their nation as they decide through a democratic process. NATO membership is not that important and it is not a deciding factor. Ukraine does not have to become a member of NATO. They are only pursuing this because of the threat from Russia. If that threat is not there, membership of NATO becomes kind of a moot point.

In terms of membership in the EU, there is a majority of people who would want this for the economic growth that it would bring. And that it has brought in other former Soviet republics and Warsaw Pact countries, that is also clear. There may not be a majority in some of the eastern provinces, but that is an issue that needs to be solved internally by Ukraine.

Now, you need to recognize here that if the government of Russia had respect for its own people, even the ethnic Russians that do not live within the borders of Russia, they would allow the people in Ukraine to determine this by themselves without any interference. The fact that they are interfering —and nobody can really deny this if they look at facts—shows that the Russian government does not have respect for the Russians, the ethnic Russians in eastern Ukraine. They do not have respect for the many people in the rest of Ukraine.

They are not willing to let Ukraine develop according to the will of the people because they have an intent. They want to use Ukraine for some purpose that relates to them and their power, first of all their power over the Russian people, but also this idea that Russia must still remain a significant empire. And also, that they wish to have a buffer zone against what they perceive as a threat from the west.

But as we have attempted to explain here, there is no threat from the west. There is absolutely no intent whatsoever that NATO will one day decide to invade Russia. NATO is a defensive alliance. Most of the member states of NATO are what we call the modern democracies. They have no aggressive intent of attacking other countries. NATO is a defensive alliance created in relation to the Soviet Union, which had a very clear and even openly stated intent of spreading communism around the world.

When the Russian government is saying that NATO’s activities, such as the Baltic countries becoming members of NATO or NATO moving troops into the Baltic countries, that this is an aggression against Russia, this is a complete lie. This is complete propaganda. And it is only done to either deceive those of the Russian people who believe what the government says, or to in their own eyes give them legitimacy for continuing the aggressive measures. In other words, Russia knows they are taking aggressive measures. When they get a response, they use that as an excuse for taking more aggressive measures.

You can ask yourself why the Russian government feels the need to have an excuse, when they have clearly demonstrated that they have no respect for other people, for international law and international treaties. But nevertheless, they do.

And this is one of the ways you can look at the hypocrisy, the hollowness of their arguments and realize that this is not really a government that you can believe. And, of course, the reality is that very, very few people and governments outside of Russia believe what the government says. When the Russian government denies any responsibility for any aggressive act, or any hack on the Internet, not very many countries believe this.

But, of course, some Russians believe it, and the Russian government believes it. And they have a need to believe it, because it gives them a sense of legitimacy, which they must maintain. This is, of course, cognitive dissonance. But, you have never seen an oppressive totalitarian government who did not suffer from cognitive dissonance.


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