UFO disclosure

Question: Over the past year, there has been a significant amount of news coverage on the topic of UFOs. The Pentagon has come out saying that a plethora of footage is real. I’ve also seen that the military admitted to possessing recovered crafts, I have never been one to put any energy into this sort of thing, especially since it has no spiritual benefit. But what is going on here?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary  through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Ending the Era of Ideology.

Well, in the process of raising the collective consciousness, it is clear that everything needs to be questioned, everything needs to be re-evaluated. And any kind of topics that people have been reluctant to talk about, the governments have been reluctant to talk about, need to be brought out in the open and they need to be debated and discussed.

It is clear that this maintaining of a certain secrecy around the topic of UFOs needs to be challenged, that people need to discuss it so that those who are interested in this particular phenomenon can have a chance to process their thoughts about it. Now, we have given a few teachings about UFOs. And I really do not have anything to add to that. Other than, as I said, any topic needs to be talked about openly in society.

In terms of spiritual people, you are perfectly right, there is no real spiritual benefit to it. And we definitely do not recommend that ascended master students put much attention on this. We have seen many examples of people who are somewhat spiritually interested, but really do not have the discernment to know what is important for their growth and what is not. And these people get pulled into the energetic vortex that has been created around UFOs.

It is important to keep in mind that whenever a group of people begin to put their attention on a certain topic, they create an energetic vortex. And those who do not have the discernment can easily be pulled into this. And once you are pulled into such a spiral, you are taking these ideas into your mental mind, you are taking the energy into your emotional mind, and it could create a vortex in your four lower bodies that then pulls on you. And suddenly, you can then make the shift of being convinced that this is something real and something important.

You might consider that there has always been this kind of consciousness of thinking about something beyond the ordinary. If you go back to medieval times, you would see that many people believed in various of what you today called mythological creatures. There are all kinds—a whole plethora of these beings that were believed in by various groups of people in the medieval age.

And you might say that this comes from the fact that there are other realms than the material realm, there is the emotional, the mental and identity realms. And people have from time to time become open to sensing these other realms, and sensing that there are certain beings in these realms. As we have said, there are certainly beings in the emotional realm, in the astral plane, who are seeking to influence people and pull them into some kind of spiral.

You might take note of the fact that in medieval times, these beings took a certain form based on what people knew and believed at the time. Today, you have these beings, extraterrestrial beings, you might say, taking the form of advanced technical civilizations who have technological devices. In the medieval age, they did not have the knowledge to even envision something like this.

In the technical age you have today, people have the knowledge and you have of course many fictional stories, movies, TV series about this. And so, you might see that the consciousness really is the same. There is this belief in something beyond the physical and of course, there is something beyond the physical, but there is also a tendency to project onto that, what people have in their mind based on the society and the time they live in. You need to question again whether people are projecting this.

But the real question is: are people being pulled into a spiral that does not help their spiritual growth. This is, of course, what the dark forces want. And that is why they create these spirals. And you will see that whether it is UFOs, or whether it is mythological creatures, there is often this mixture of on the one hand, is the fear that these beings could not be benevolent, on the other hand is the hope that they could actually bring something positive, do something for people, or even save civilization from itself.


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