Two sides of ideology 

Question: Could we say that ideologies, thought systems and philosophies on earth have two sides? One psychological, that could have been originated by the feeling of lack of legitimacy of the ego, when the fallen consciousness decided to separate from the river of life. And in this sense, would be an original lie told by the fallen being to himself, in order to accept the ego as his true identity. In a sense that the being tells himself that it is free to decide what is or is not true. And a second side, directed to the collective consciousness of humankind. And that it is deceitful, manipulative and calculated, in order to keep anyone trapped in the net they created to themselves and steal human beings’ light, in order to survive.

Kim: It is a little bit of a complex question. But there is the psychological side, of ideology, in order to justify the ego. And there is another side that is directed at deceiving other people.

Answer from the Ascended Master Gautama Buddha through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Ending the Era of Ideology.

Well, as I have already talked about, there are various aspects of ideology. And I will talk more about this in coming discourses. But you are correct, that it can be said, that there is a purely psychological side, in the sense that it relates to justifying as I said, the experience you want to have. Justify doing what you want to do. This is what the fallen beings did when they fell. And they use some kind of thought system, some kind of reasoning process, to rationalize why what they did was not wrong and was indeed right. This is the internal psychological aspect.

And of course, there is an external, which is that the fallen beings feel threatened by any viewpoint that diverges from theirs so they have to try and suppress it. They do not want their sense of security, their sense of having the ultimate belief, or understanding, threatened. They want to suppress other people, who could challenge them, and they want to then, make people agree with them, if possible. As I also said, this is an impossible quest, it simply cannot be done because of the nature of duality. They can never achieve it. It is an impossible goal. And when you see it as an impossible goal, you can certainly free yourself from it, if you have been affected by it.


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