Translating the teachings into other languages

Question: Korean people are starting two courses after May conference this year. One is the Personal Self-Mastery course and another one is the Master Keys to Personal Christhood Course? By the way, Korean people had a big frustration for the Personal Christhood interpretation of the message for terminology.

We could not reach a mutual understanding between the translator and the coordinator of the course, because they are from different backgrounds. Another issue was how to respect each other even though people have different view and different interpretation. Another one is some people feel some boredom for the following two course at the same time. I know people have to manage by themselves for that. My question is: What can you give us some advice or recommendation to have a successful course for especially Personal Christhood; because there is some issue between translating, for example duality consciousness and they can be interpreted different way into Korean. And there are several cases.

Answer by Ascended Master Jesus through Kim Michaels, given at a conference in Estonia 2017.

Jesus: You need to recognize, my beloved, that when you undertake something like this, where you as a group are studying the course of Christhood, then the challenges you run into with how you relate to each other, how you actually do the work of the course, that is part of the course. It is part of the initiation.

In terms of how you relate to each other and can respect each other; well, you need to understand here that there has always been a tendency for spiritual students to become attached to a certain interpretation and feel that their way is the right way, or even the only right way. Therefore, others should do it that same way. This is a state of consciousness that you need to overcome if you are to make progress on the path to Christhood. You need to develop that respect for each others free will and allow other people some freedom to follow the course, or to live their lives for that matter, as they see fit with their present level of consciousness.

You cannot be successful running a course like this if you have people who are very attached to their view and their opinion and want to force it upon others. I realize that such people often have good intentions; but nevertheless, this is not the path of Christhood.

In terms of doing two courses at the same time; well, we always have an issue that the most eager students want to do as much as possible in order to make progress as quickly as possible. We understand that there is a phase where you need to do this. You need to strive. You need to make an effort. But we always encourage balance so that you do not take on more than you can handle with respect also for your normal everyday practical life.

For many people it would be too much to follow both of these courses at the same time. Truly, the courses were not really designed to be followed at the same time. It is designed so that you begin with the Path of Self-Mastery and go through the rays there and then after that, you then go on to the path of Christhood.

Now, there are some people who are ready for the path of Christhood; but – and that is why that was given first – but you also need to recognize that you need to be practical. If you do not have time, if you get stressed by following both courses; you choose one over the other. It is up to you which one you choose because that is, again, part of the initiation.

There will always be some people who, if they are completely honest with themselves, are evaluating that the Christhood course is higher than the Path to Self-Mastery and they want to be advanced so they want to choose that course. But that is, of course, not the highest motivation, and it would be more constructive to start with the Path to Self-Mastery.


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