Transcending  traditional roles for men and women

Kim’s talk given at the 2020 Webinar – Being the Divine Mother.

I think I would just like to share something. You know, from a certain outer perspective, and there was even a separate self in my outer mind who says that, because I’m a man, I’m a male messenger, how can I take a dictation from the Divine Mother, from these female masters? And I sense that there may be even a reaction from the collective consciousness, maybe some women feel this way.

I’m not saying any of you on the broadcast but out there in society. And I also sense that there’s a certain reaction to the conference, maybe even from some of the men who are familiar with the teachings or participating in the conference of: “Well, if the next decade is all about the liberation of women, where does that leave us men?”

And what I sense in myself is simply this, that there comes a point on the spiritual path where you transcend these traditional roles for men and women. I don’t see myself as a man, I don’t identify myself as a man. Obviously, I have a male body I am in a male body. But I am not a man. I am a spiritual being. And I am beyond sexuality as it’s defined on earth.

And so I think that you, whether you are in a female body or a male body, you can contemplate the same thing and you can strive to come to that point where you realize that these teachings, at a certain outer level they are given specifically for women, but they also apply to those of us who are in a male body, we can also learn from them, we can also make use of them. We can also serve to help liberate women and liberate other men from the traditional male roles because that’s obviously another aspect of it.

So it isn’t all or nothing as such. I feel that in order to take any dictation whether it’s from a male or female master, I have to go into neutral, a neutral state of mind. And therefore, I can just as well take a dictation from the Divine Mother, as from Saint Germain. I think it’s the same with all of us—the masters are for practical reasons talking about the liberation of women but we who are in a male body are just as much part of that movement.

It’s not like, well, we just need to go hide ourselves for the next 10 years and wait for this cycle to be over so we can come back into the game. That’s not the way I see it at all. And I hope you don’t see it that way either. We need as spiritual people, as ascended master students, need to drive the change in consciousness and we do that by transcending the roles for men and women. So we see that the liberation of women is really not a woman’s issue. It’s not a female issue. It’s a spiritual issue that applies to all people on earth.


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