Tools can activate your threefold flame

Question: Since I began giving the Infinite Light rosary, I have noticed a wonderful warm burning feeling in my heart area that seems to grow every time I say it. Is this coming from my God flame or is it the feeling of the Presence of Infinite Light working through me?

Answer from Jesus:

Every soul was created with a spark of spiritual light, often called the threefold flame. This flame is located in your heart chakra, which is positioned at the same height as your heart but in the center of your chest. All of the rosaries are designed to balance this flame, meaning that the rosaries balance the three qualities of the flame. These qualities can be described as power, wisdom and love, corresponding to the Trinity of Father, Son and Holy Spirit. When your flame is balanced, it can expand and this will be experienced as a burning sensation.

Because different people have different imbalances in their threefold flames, it can vary which rosary has the greatest effect on the threefold flame. That is why some people feel particularly attracted to one rosary. They sense that they need that rosary to balance the threefold flame.

Obviously, using a rosary does invoke your God flame and the Being mentioned in the rosary. So the burning sensation can be the light streaming through you. If you have a particular affinity with the spiritual Being invoked in the rosary, that can also give you a sense of warmth. Or the answer could be all of the above.


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