Today, you need to integrate spirituality with practical life

TOPICS: During Pisces, often necessary for people to withdraw from the world – in Aquarius, find spirituality within yourself and then express it in all activities – can you conduct your business with love? – is it the right kind of business for you? – key is non-attachment – tune in to your divine plan – for spiritual people, worldly success will not be satisfying – sometimes, you must take a step into the unknown –

Question: Beloved Jesus, you have taught us in the past to let go of everything—apart from you. How important it is to be conscious of you all the time and conscious of the I AM Presence, yet our businesses and our worldly affairs pull on us. Is it safe to continue to conduct our business, surrender our business and work with it just as spiritual beings?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

Again, 2,000 years ago my teachings were adapted to the state of consciousness that people had at the time. Back then, people were much more trapped in the sense of separation from God. When people are trapped in that state of consciousness, it might indeed be necessary for them to pull apart from worldly affairs for a time before they can manifest the non-attachment that allows them to no longer serve mammon but to serve the God within.

That is why you have had a tradition over these past 2,000 years of monasteries where spiritual seekers would withdraw from the world and completely disassociate themselves from worldly affairs. Yet in today’s world, that is not the highest goal. I am not saying that people cannot or should not withdraw themselves for a time if they feel it is necessary to do so. But the ideal in the Aquarian Age is that instead of withdrawing from the world to find spirituality, you go within yourself to find the spirituality and then you bring it out into your worldly activities. This applies to family, studies, businesses or any other activity.

So the question really is: do you have non-attachment? Can you do your business with love? And if you find that conducting your business disturbs your inner peace, makes you attached or draws you into situations where you cannot feel love, then you have a choice to make. And you might begin by seeing if perhaps you can discover what it is in your psychology that causes the attachment and then heal that wound so you can be free of it.

Yet, in some cases, it might also be necessary to say, that my particular form of business is not conducive to a spiritual lifestyle, either because of the nature of the business or because it requires too much time and attention, so that I do not have the proper balance between spiritual in-going activities and worldly out-going activities. Again, this will be a personal balance that each person must find.

The key is non-attachment. If you are non-attached, you will feel the love of God flowing through you and then you can and should interact with the world in various ways to sustain yourself and your family. But even more importantly, to express your God Flame to the other people you meet in your business. Yet if you find that your business is pulling you away, then it might indeed be right to come apart from it. And for some people it still may be right to come apart from a worldly business and instead focus on the spiritual business. This again, is very individual.

There are indeed many spiritual seekers who came into the world with a very specific divine plan of helping to awaken humankind in this age. Many of these people are very capable and intelligent souls. And many of them are fully capable of running a business. Yet, running a successful business might not be part of your divine plan and if this is so, then you need to go within and get in touch with your Christ self and with your I AM Presence and with your divine plan, so you can choose appropriately when it is time to either let the business go or find a different way, so that you can have the time and attention left over for what is your real business—your Father’s business that you must be about if you are to find true happiness and fulfillment.

If you are a spiritual lifestream, no amount of worldly success, no amount of money or recognition from the world will truly satisfy your deeper sense that you are here for a purpose. Only when you uncover your divine plan and fulfill that plan, will you know that you are in your right place—the right place in consciousness. And so, if that is true for you, it might be necessary – and again this is completely individual – but it might be necessary to leave your nets and follow the Christ within until you are on the mountain of God where you see clearly what is the path you need to take in life.

Some people can indeed be so embroiled in their worldly affairs that they have no time or attention left over to clearly see their divine plan. And so in some cases it will be necessary to leave your nets and take a step into the unknown before you will know your true path. Yet for many others it will be possible to live an entire lifetime raising a family, running a business, having a job or a career.

Always keep in mind that you cannot serve two masters, you cannot serve God and mammon. So if you feel that you are too attached to mammon, then you need to take some time and realize that the Conscious You is a spiritual Being and that you need to stop identifying yourself with mammon and get in tune with who you really are.


 Copyright © 2005 by Kim Michaels