To what degree are you using the teaching you recognize to raise your consciousness?

Question:  Not so long ago, quite a large group of students from Novosibirsk called Kim a false messenger. The book “My lives” they consider is not released by the ascended masters and apparently they cannot grow further or do not want to. Can this have a negative impact on the growth of consciousness of the Russian people? 

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Ukraine in 2019.

Well, it’s clear my beloved that from an ideal perspective, we would like all students who are open to the ascended masters, open to the concept that we can have a messenger in embodiment who is taking messages directly from us—we would like to have all of these students be as united as possible. Because the more you are united, the more of an impact you have on the growth of the collective consciousness.

So as Shiva said yesterday, the fact that ascended master students in Russia are so divided, prevents them from having the impact on the nation that they could have. If you take what Shiva said, he was basically saying that there are enough ascended masters students in Russia to have a decisive impact if they were united, and were not fighting about who is a messenger and who is not.

What Shiva was saying is, use whatever teaching you recognize to raise your consciousness and as you raise your consciousness you will begin to be more and more united and any outer differences no longer matter so much. If this could happen it would naturally have an important impact on Russia.

I’m not thereby saying that all ascended master students in Russia need to accept this messenger as the only messenger, or as a true messenger, or as the current messenger or whatever. But we need to come to a point where the relatively small number of ascended master students that recognize ascended masters are not dividing themselves, are not fighting amongst themselves, where they can actually ideally come together and work in the same direction instead of pulling in different directions.

Now, I do not want to comment too much on a specific situation, but what was unique about the group in Novosibirsk was that at least for a time, they recognize both the previous dispensations and this dispensation, and that was why we gave them certain opportunities, such as the publishing of books and holding conferences. It was our hope that they would be able to move on and therefore show that it was actually possible to have a student community that would recognize our ongoing progressive revelation. The fact that this did not happen for some students, well we respect free will and if the students need to have that experience we respect that.

Will it have an impact on the growth of the Russian nation? Not necessarily, that certainly depends on what the students both from this dispensation and others, do to raise their consciousness. The question is not so much which outer teaching do you belong to. The question really is to what degree are you using the teaching you recognize to raise your consciousness?

But of course, let us be clear: The more you raise your consciousness towards the levels of Christhood, the more you will be in attunement with the ascended masters, and when you are in attunement with the ascended masters, why would you not recognize the current messenger we are using? Why would you not embrace that teaching? Not necessarily that you throw away or start criticizing the previous teachings, but all of the teachings we have brought forth are based on one concept of progressive revelation. So as we have said before, in each of the previous dispensations there have been people who said: “Well, we recognize progressive revelation but progressive revelation stopped when our movement was no longer taking dictations”.

This makes no sense whatsoever, neither from a human nor an ascended perspective. Progressive revelation is what? Progressive! Have we ever said through this messenger that when he is no longer taking dictations, progressive revelation will stop? No. Has he ever claimed this? No. Should you believe this as students? Absolutely not.

We will find ways, and the most important thing you can recognize about ascended masters is we will not be stopped by human opinions and beliefs and doctrines. We have no loyalty to outer organizations, be it the Catholic Church or any ascended master organization. We are charged with the forward movement of the entire planet.

Do you think we would let that be affected by the decisions of a small group of people? Do you think that a small group of people deciding who is a messenger or who is not has any impact on us as ascended masters? If you think so, this can only come from spiritual pride, and that will prevent you from tuning in to the ascended masters, for in order to tune into us, you must be neutral, and pride and neutrality cannot coexist in the same mind.


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