To translate or not to translate 

How do the ascended masters see the potential of the Vietnamese people for receiving their teachings? I am considering to translate as much teaching materials as possible into Vietnamese so that they can benefit and would like advice on whether it would be a worthwhile exercise.

Answer from the Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Ending the Era of Ideology.

Well, there are people in every nation who, before coming into the current lifetime, had reached the level of consciousness where they were ready, and able to receive and benefit from ascended master teachings. Many of these people in various nations do speak English. But there are of course many, in other nations, where English is not as prominently taught that cannot bridge the gap and receive the teaching in English.

There is always a value to translating the teachings. But again, you need to go with your intuitive insight, not force yourself with the outer mind. And we are certainly not forcing you to do a certain thing. You need to spend a little time with your intuition, feel not only is it worthwhile for the sake of others, but is this part of your divine plan. And if you feel that it is then certainly it will be of service to the people who cannot receive the teaching in English. And it will also be a benefit to yourself because you come to understand the teaching in a deeper way. And you of course in many cases, also will balance karma and do something that is part of your divine plan in terms of helping others.

It is a highly individual matter whether you will spend the considerable amount of time that is necessary to translate just a certain portion of the teaching. There are some countries where almost all if not all of the teachings have been translated. And this is of course, a tremendous amount of work that requires a strong commitment and also requires that you have a life situation where you have the time to do this, or it requires that there are many people doing it, as for example, you see in Russia.

Often it takes that there is one person that starts, and then others can join in. And this is, of course, the best way to do it. You see in Korea, where one person found the teachings, then discovered other people, a few other people that had found the teachings. But then one person decided to come to a conference, and really start translating and creating study groups, and then gradually attracted more and more people that participated in the work. And you now have this huge student community in Korea, that are publishing the teachings, creating their websites, holding meetings, giving invocations and so on. And it has to start somewhere by one person breaking through and bringing it into the physical so that there is something for others to join.


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