To forgive yourself, you must forgive God

TOPICS: Forgiving God for creating you and giving you free will – resolving your relationship with God – how to express Christhood –

Question: Most Christians are going through the process of forgiving themselves. When will we get to step 2 – the forgiveness of others? When Jesus said “Father, forgive them…” wasn’t He giving us an EXAMPLE to follow to overcome original sin (judgment)?

Am I the only person who “sees” this? Is it my destiny to bring this TRUTH into the mass consciousness of mankind? Will I have help in fulfilling this mission? Should I let go and Let God take care of spreading the truth about His warning?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

You are right that many people are going through the process of forgiving themselves. The basic fact is that you cannot forgive others until you have forgiven yourself, but you cannot forgive yourself until you have forgiven God. If there was one lesson I would like people to learn from the Bible, it is that the history of humankind can be seen as a process in which people are working out their relationship with God.

The original sin was a sense of separation from God. Ever since then, we of the ascended masters have given many religious and spiritual teachings in an attempt to help people overcome that sense of separation. However, as Mother Mary explains in her discourse on ingratitude, people can come closer to God only when they accept God’s forgiveness.

However, to accept God’s forgiveness, you must first forgive God for creating you, for giving you free will, for allowing you to make mistakes and for exposing those mistakes. Everything in your life revolves around your relationship to God, which is truly your relationship to yourself, meaning your spiritual self, your spiritual source. You are trying to work out the relationship between your individualized consciousness, anchored in your lifestream, and the source from which that individualized consciousness sprang, meaning God. The invocations LINK are powerful tool for helping you make peace with God.

It is true, as you say, that my call to forgive everyone is a call for people to rise above the relative judgments that spring from the dualistic mind. It is also true that few people have understood this fact. You are one of them, but you are not the only one, and if you will seek, you will find others. Because you have seen this truth, you do indeed have the potential to become a messenger of this truth and spread it to people. You will indeed find help to spread this message. Simply listen for my direction with an open mind and heart. I recommend the exercise for inner attunement for anyone who wants greater inner direction.

You should always let go and let God, but that does not mean to sink into a passive frame of mind, where you are waiting for some outer source to manifest the perfect solution. Contemplate my statement that my Father works hitherto and I work. Contemplate my parable about the talents. God gives you certain talents, and he does not want you to bury them in the ground, meaning that he does not want you to wait for some outer force or outer condition before you act on your talents.

He wants to start with what you have and multiply what you have been given, and then God will multiply what you bring to the altar. I recommend that you study the discourse about the 10,000 people who are ready to manifest Christhood. I also recommended you study and consider where you might fit into this endeavor. You have much to offer this planet, and the key is to seek first the kingdom of heaven, meaning to seek first the Christ consciousness. Then, all else shall be added unto you in the form of inner direction that will help you see how to make the best possible contribution.

I would recommend that anyone who feels they have a mission in life read The Christ Is Born in You and Master Keys to Spiritual Freedom.


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