“Time is not” is a koan

Question: Could the masters give a deeper teaching about the non-existence of time and spiritual reality. We know that certain things happen chronologically, for example filling the newly created sphere with light. If time does not exist and everything is happening at the same time, how can we relate it to free will, which has the opportunity to realize the path to Christ consciousness or is it an opposite direction? From our terrestrial perspective this happens in particular time. How do the beings in the spiritual world feel the time that flows on earth?

Answer from the Ascended Master Gautma Buddha through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Estonia in 2018.

My beloved I am the one who has said “time is not” which of course is a Koan. Surely time exists at some level. Surely the world is to some degree linear – there is a progression from one stage to the next. You might say that the entire world view we have given you is that the Creator starts by creating a void and then it creates a process whereby co-creators fill that void and that is an entirely linear process. So from that perspective you could say that if you look at time as a progression from one stage to the next, where one stage creates a certain manifestation that sets the foundation for further development which then happens at the next stage. If you look at time this way then certainly time exists.

What I wanted you or people in general to contemplate with the statement that “time is not”, is that time is not necessarily exactly the way that you currently see it with the consciousness that is ‘normal’ on earth. It is not quite as linear, as set in stone, as unavoidable, as unchangeable as you normally perceive it.

One aspect of this is the entire teaching we have given you on how to get rid of these separate selves and therefore heal your four lower bodies. We might say that at some point in the distant past you experienced a birth trauma and that moment is no longer there, that moment has moved on. You are now in a different time but you are carrying the birth trauma with you. You are still affected by it because the later moments, the moments that came after that birth trauma were given a certain direction by the birth trauma, so everything that came after builds on the birth trauma.

If you could not change time, if you could not change the past, if you didn’t have a time machine where you could go back in the past where you could resolve that birth trauma, how could you ever be free of it?  You see that by the very moment that the Creator gave co-creators free will, in order to exercise their free will there had to be a linear progression which is what you call ‘time’ so that people could see, co-creators could see that when they project a certain image onto the matter light, after some time the matter light outpictures it as physical circumstances. Those physical circumstances do not just disappear after a split second but can exist for a period of what you call time.

In order to exercise free will there has to be time so that certain manifestations can be maintained. However in order to make sure that free will does not become a self-limiting system where you gradually create consequences for yourselves that you carry with you over time and they become so severe that pretty soon you have no options left, you have no free will. In order to avoid this scenario, time cannot go in just one direction. There has to be a way for you to go back and change the past. Two million years ago there might have been a physical situation where you were exposed to the birth trauma but the positive aspect of time is that time has moved on. That physical situation is no longer there.

That is a grace because (contrary to what science fiction writers want you to believe) you cannot build a physical machine that goes back to a physical situation that happened two million years ago and now you are physically back there and can make physical changes. This cannot be done. This will never be possible but what you can do is that you can create a time machine in your mind.

Mother Mary in her exercise where she takes you through the seven gardens back to the theatre where your birth trauma happened, she actually gave you such a time machine, so you can go back to the situation where the situation still exists.  The situation does not exist in the physical but it does exist in your emotional, mental and identity bodies.

You can go back in a time machine through those bodies, dissolve the traces that are left there, the matrices, the limitations, the selves, whatever you want to call it – dissolve that and now you have changed your past even though time has moved on. You have changed your past. By getting rid of your primal self you are no longer the same person as you were when your very sense of identity and the way you thought about life and the way you felt about life was coloured by that primal self. You have become a new being in Christ.

So that is at least one level of why I say that “time is not” because time is not something that is a fixed quantity. Now in terms of free will there has always been a discussion both amongst spiritual people and among philosophers that for example, religious people will say; “if God is all knowing then God must know the end from the beginning. God must know what is going to be the ultimate outcome of the universe before he even started the process of creating the universe and if God knows everything that’s going to happen – how can a human being have free will?”

The answer to that is, that this is a flawed vision of God, a flawed image of God created by the fallen beings precisely to create this kind of confusion. God is not all-knowing in the sense that God knew exactly how everything was going to unfold. God knew certain overall things but not all of the details, so God has actually said, the Creator has said; “I’m giving you free will. I’m giving you the ability to surprise me”. So from a traditional viewpoint God is not all knowing.

You can even take materialists who say that; ‘everything is determined by laws of nature’. You had the old image that the world is like a big clock and if you knew everything about the initial conditions of how the world started then you could by knowing the laws of nature, determine exactly where the world will be at any point in the future. You could predict the future if you knew the initial conditions and the laws of nature.

But this is also completely incorrect because a materialistic view does not incorporate free will and does not incorporate the fact that the physical universe is just the effects of what is happening in the three higher bodies. Physical manifestation is a product of what is happening at the level of consciousness. Consciousness comes before the physical manifestation as we have said. So these views are simply incorrect. You do have free will.

What you do one minute from now is not known by God, is not determined by God, is not limited by God, nor is it limited by the laws of nature. You can say, look at a certain person, his psychological state, look at the separate selves he has and you can with very high probability predict what that person is going to do one minute from now. Nevertheless, over time you cannot know if that person chooses to change. Even if people don’t know anything about ascended master teachings they can still make the choice: “I’ve had enough of this kind of experience. Why am I doing this all over, over and over again? I’m going to choose to change. I’m going to stop this.”

Throughout history people have made these kind of choices and it is what has bought them forward personally and what has bought civilization forward. Once you understand the separate selves, you can remove those selves, you can let them die and then for each self you let die you can have a more, more free will. You have free will but you can only choose the options you can see and the options you can see right now depends on your entire four lower bodies, the separate selves, the colorings you have. Some of these separate selves will block out many options so you simply cannot see them and if you cannot see an option you cannot choose it.

Ultimately free will and awareness are very much tied together. You could say you always have free will to choose the options you can see at your present level of consciousness and you only have a will that is as free as what you can see. So definitely, free will is a reality and any philosophy, any thought system that denies free will or seeks to restrict free will by some factor over which you have no potential to take control, any such a system springs from the minds of the fallen beings. We are not saying that all people who promote such systems are fallen beings but the original ideas sprang from the minds of the fallen beings becasue their primary concern is not to limit the size of the population but to limit the choices that the population can make or rather that individuals can make. They want to limit your free will.


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