Thomas More, Thomas Moore and Master MORE

Question: How does it come to be that some ascended masters have found themselves with the same name or virtually the same name in different lifetimes a few hundred years apart. For example, Master More, who was embodied as Thomas More at the time of Henry the VIII was later embodied as Thomas Moore the Irish poet laureate a few hundred years after the Tudor era?

Answer given by Ascended Master MORE through Kim Michaels, This was given during the 2022 Webinar for America – The Resurrection of Democracy.

Well, there is a secret here, there is more to understand. No, my beloved, I am joking. But there is, of course, a certain continuity in your soul, in your lifestream as you are moving closer to the ascension point. That is why you can carry certain things with you. You have certain memories, you have your attainment and it also means that you have a certain opportunity to choose where you want to be born.

And for me, for my lifestream, I was always dedicated to this becoming more, the flame of becoming more. This goes back beyond these embodiments that are known but I was always dedicated to this. Obviously, Thomas Moore in Ireland was one of my later embodiments. And, at that point, while I was between embodiments, I had the opportunity to choose and I chose a family with that name so that I could carry that with me. This was not really anything of significance, other than you might call a whim of mine, that I kind of felt it was humorous to do this.

Now, we have hinted at this before but I will say it again. We have given these past lives so that people can realize that we have had past lives and that we have not always been these superhumans, perfect human beings but we have had some very human characteristics. You will see in my life as Thomas More, I was persecuting people who were not good Catholics. And you will see in my life as Akbar the Great that I was a very warring person. We want you to understand that we have been human beings.

Now, in the Summit Lighthouse, where we gave many of these embodiments, this had the effect that people were primarily focused on and what the organization was talking about, was primarily our embodiments as historical persons. There was a tendency to idolize us based on our past lifetimes. That is the main reason we do not talk very much about our past lives in this dispensation because we want people to transcend that.

And the reality here is that, when you embody there is a certain continuity, there is something you carry with you. There can be certain outer characteristics that you carry with you, a certain personality. But how do you ascend? Well, what have we said? You let go of the outer personality, you let go of all of it. The tendency in previous dispensations was you would look at our past lifetimes and people would then use the human linear mind to project that our past lifetimes, my past lifetimes, could tell them something about how I was as the Ascended Master El Morya or Master MORE. But this is not the case. This was what people believed and needed to believe at the time because they were not open to the higher teachings we give today that you lose all of the outer personality.

You will see that there are many Christians who believe that, if they are, for example, members of the Catholic Church and they follow the church’s rules and doctrines, then Jesus will come and save them after this lifetime and they will go to heaven essentially having the same personality they have now. And this is, of course, grossly inaccurate. There are many ascended master students who had a similar belief, that you fulfill certain requirements for the ascension, you have balanced all your karma, you fulfilled your divine plan but basically you ascended with the same personality and individuality that you have in this lifetime. And again this just is not accurate. You have to let go of the outer personality, let go of all these selves that make up the outer personality, so that there is only the individuality in your I AM Presence left.

Only the man who ascended from heaven, who descended from heaven, can ascend back to heaven as Jesus said 2000 years ago. Be very careful when you look at these past lifetimes that you do not project: “Ah, now I know how Master MORE is, because he surely is the same as he was as Thomas Moore or Thomas More. But it just is not the case, and it will actually prevent you from tuning into us as we are as ascended masters.


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