There is no division in the ascended realm

Question: When it was decided to let fallen beings embody on earth, and then perform a rescue mission, were there any spiritual beings that did not support it? What is the perspective of Alpha and Omega? in other words, was this intervention necessary by the law of God and His will? Or was it a local experiment by beings at a certain level of consciousness, who may not infallibly represent the vision of the rest of the universe? 


Answer from the Ascended Master Jesus through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Holland in 2019.

Well, the question is asked, from the human perspective, where you are so used to seeing divisions. And you are used to thinking in terms of a hierarchy, where there can be different levels that can be separated. But you need to recognize or at least attempt to consider that the situation is fundamentally different in the ascended realm. You could say that, yes, the decision to allow fallen beings to embody on earth was made by the Elohim, the archangels and the ascended masters working with earth. But the very idea that we could make a decision that was out of alignment with the perspective or the desires of the consciousness of Alpha and Omega, is simply impossible. There is not the possibility of that kind of division in the ascended realm. 

It is not necessarily so that we had a committee on earth that was contemplating allowing fallen beings to embody here and we send an emissary to the Central Sun to ask Alpha and Omega, what they thought about this. Because what we did was, tune in to the entire hierarchy above us and by doing this, we knew exactly what is the intent and the principles and the ideas of that hierarchy and therefore we knew what was within the realm of possibility for a planet like Earth. 

The earth was not the first be planet were fallen beings were allowed to embody, this has happened before and so you see that in the Ascended realm, there is a fundamentally different kind of connection and oneness. We are not sitting here around earth, being completely separated from Alpha and Omega and therefore able to make decisions that are out of alignment with them. 

We are seeing ourselves as part of the whole hierarchy, the whole stream of consciousness that comes from the creator through Alpha and Omega to this entire undescended sphere. The idea that we could do something that was outside of that stream of consciousness simply does not apply to the Ascended realm. Theoretically, you could say that we could do this, but then we would fall into embodiment and no longer be ascended masters. Well of course, since we have ascended, after being in a duality, consciousness, that just isn’t a realistic possibility.



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