There is no title of the most evil being in the universe

Question: Who has the title of the most evil being in the universe?

Answer from Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Estonia in 2017

Well I’ll answer that because there’s no most evil being in the universe.  That’s just used as a general concept then, where they (the AM) might say that even the most evil being in the universe doesn’t have any power over God or whatever.  See – the fallen beings would like that there was such a title and there would probably be many of them whom would aspire for that title to be the most evil being in the universe – you see that really looks good on your CV (laughter).  You see the masters don’t recognise the hierarchy that the fallen beings have created amongst themselves, they might have created something like that – I don’t know but I’m sure that IF they created it they would never be able to agree on who it was – that was the most evil because they always have this rivalry.

Question: Is it also like saying who was the closest to God before that being fell?

Kim: No, no that’s not the right way to say it/ to look at it.  I know that you can find some teachings out there, I can’t remember what they are but there are some that say that Lucifer before he fell was the highest of the angels and that is just a complete creation of the fallen beings – they want to make it seem that way…

What you actually have to recognise there is that what the masters have explained about the fall – there was a previous sphere where the first beings fell.  And even though those beings had set themselves up on certain planets, you know so in other words, you imagine we have the material universe and let’s say that there – just say a number, there were a handful of planets where there were certain beings who set themselves up, on one particular planet let’s just say on that one planet there was one being that was the absolute, total leader and then the rest of  all of the billions of planets in our universe they were ready to ascend.

But these planets were not ready to ascend because they hadn’t raised their consciousness.  So those leaders were not close to God – they hadn’t fallen, but they were not close to God.  They were not the highest or most advanced in their sphere because the most advanced in terms of consciousness are always the most unselfish.  So the most selfish, self-centered beings who were trying to raise themselves up, they were the furtherest, they were the lowest in evolution in that sphere.

It’s just that they fell in a higher sphere and then after they fell they of course, they tried to build their power as separate beings, as fallen beings and they tried to steal peoples’ energy and use that energy to create some manifestations that made them seem powerful.  And since then some of them have gained a certain power, and a certain mastery over the dark arts, (“the dark side of the force” (laughter)) and so that makes them into certain… I have no doubt – fallen beings who are in a certain sense are much more powerful than I am and if I was attacked by them, I may not be able to defend myself, but I’m not planning on fighting them, I am just planning on letting Archangel Michael defend me.

So what I am saying is there is a misunderstanding that the fallen beings had a high position before they fell – they didn’t.  They want us to think that, they want us to think that, but it’s illogical that somebody could be very close to God and fall you see.  And you also have to recognise that there are various teachings out there that talk about fallen angels in a certain way and even in the Summit Lighthouse for example they talk about that Lucifer was a high ranking angel before he fell – an Archangel before he fell but what they never explained was how could such a being fall?  And then you have the phrase in the Bible – the Book of Revelation where it talks about Lucifer how art though fallen from heaven and the whole idea was that there was a war in heaven and he fought, the dragon fought Archangel Michael and Archangel Michael kicked him out.  But how can there be a war in heaven?  It makes no sense.

And that’s why the only thing that I’ve ever seen that makes any sense to me is what the Ascended Masters have given me, that there was a previous sphere that wasn’t ascended and that’s why they could fall.  So even the thing that Lucifer was an Archangel is not even correct because an Archangel cannot fall.  You don’t ascend to that level and you then can fall afterwards because here’s why.  They want to portray it – the fallen beings want to portray it so that there’s always temptation to use your free will to go against God because if you don’t have the potential to go against God you don’t really have free will.  So they will say that if you are an Archangel you still free and therefor you could potentially fall.  But the thing is that as an Archangel you have free will but how have you risen to that position?  By raising your awareness so you realised, you experience the Oneness of all life and if you experience the Oneness of all life you can’t fall.  Not because you couldn’t make the choice but because you couldn’t be stupid enough to make the choice, you couldn’t be unaware enough to make that choice.

It’s only through an unawareness of the basic reality of life that you can fall because if you are really close to God and understand the genius of free will and how free will works – you can’t fall.  You cannot make that choice.  I mean you can theoretically but you wouldn’t.  You know, if I’m standing in total darkness with a gun I could shoot myself in the foot but if I’m standing in the lightroom and I can see my foot, would I choose to shoot myself in the foot?  No – I’m not that dumb but I still have free will when I choose not to shoot myself in the foot.

Question: God is Love and this would also mean that it embodies fear or is fear something that is only in the body?

Kim: Yeah but even saying God is Love is not really covering what God is.  Beings can fall if they have fear but they don’t have to have fear to fall.  They can fall because they don’t have the awareness of the Oneness of all life and therefore they think they are smart enough for example to know that God made a mistake and it’s not really that they are evil at that point.  There are beings who can fall out of the best of intentions they just don’t have the awareness.  Because free will in order to work itself out, a being must allow – in an unascended sphere there’s no limit to what an unascended being can do, how high it can raise itself up if it can get other beings to believe in it.  Or even in its own mind it can raise itself up and there’s no limit to that.  And so that’s why that even when they fall they can even be allowed to have some existence after that for a very, very long time until – I mean there is sort a limit to how long they can go on with that, but other than that there is no limit to the illusion you can create in your mind.

That’s why you can fall so you could have the best of intentions and genuinely believe as I think some fallen beings did that God make a mistake by giving us free will because it puts the entire universe at risk, so you could genuinely believe that.  It isn’t reality when you see the Oneness of all life, you see that it’s not a correct viewpoint.  But you could fall out of that and you can’t really say that that’s an “evil” being that falls – it can then later turn into an evil being but I think that many fallen beings are not doing evil things and they don’t even outwardly appear to be evil and they are probably the ones that are the most difficult to spot.


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