There is no potential for the reform of the Russian Orthodox Church

Question: Is there any possibility of reforming the Russian Orthodox Church or is it an obsolete religious organization without a future?

Answer from the Ascended MasterJesus through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Kazakhstan in 2018

There is certainly no possibility that I could reform the Russian Orthodox Church. There is as little possibility of that happening, as me being able to reform the Catholic Church or any of the other mainstream Christian churches. To say that a religious organization is obsolete is a more complex question because the religious organization is kept alive by the people who follow that organization, giving their light to the organization because of the equation of free will they must be allowed to do this.

So why are they doing it? Because they need a certain kind of experience. Again, we face this question – or this equation that we cannot reach these people from the ascended level so we must allow them to outplay their consciousness. Based on this, I would not say that the organization is obsolete because the people still need it but from a spiritual perspective, yes it is indeed obsolete.


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