There is no physical thing that can cure any condition at any time

Question: What practical recommendations could the ascended masters give for the purification and healing of our physical bodies like for example  the advice that was given by El Morya in previous dispensations  on the use of baking  soda.  


Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Ukraine in 2019.

There is always a reason behind what we do or do not do. It is often complex to explain this in words. What you need to realise is that everything that relates to human beings is an individual thing. You each have an individual situation. On the other hand there is a tendency in the human mind, part of it driven by the ego, that always wants to come up with an easy solution or with a solution that applies to all people. So what we have seen is in the past, that when we gave specific advice on health such as the example of the use of soda – people have not always taken this in a balanced way. They have thought that because El Morya said this one time in a specific situation, it should now apply to all situations and to all people. It should be able to cure anything and everything. There is no physical thing that can cure any condition at any time. Because as we have given you hints of at this conference with our talk about the interdependent originations, everything in life is connected. 

So in reality the situation is much more complex. This even applies to healing your physical body, where there is often some very complex psychological cause that needs to be resolved before the physical healing can occur. So starting at the physical with some kind of physical remedy, and then thinking this should be a miracle cure that can cure your ailment or any ailment, is not really realistic.

So what we are hoping today is that our students will step up more to using your intuition. To try to tune in to what applies to you in your present situation, instead of seeking for something from us that is so general that it will apply to all people at all times, so that you are essentially forcing or trying to force the issue.



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