There is a need for an entirely new approach to the power elite

Question: Is Trump part of an alliance? Does an alliance exist that is helping overthrow the elite? Are we putting our hope in something that doesn’t exist?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2020 Webinar – Choosing America’s Future.

There is no alliance that is seeking to overthrow the elite. There are a number of people who have realized that there is an elite, and they have realized that the elite is a problem. Some of them are working actively, some of them are even coming together trying to support each other and discuss what can be done about it, but you have to realize that these people face the same problem that has been faced ever since the fallen beings came to this planet.

The fallen beings form these power elite groups. There is not just one, there are many of them, and they are of course not all working together because they are divided amongst themselves, but they form these groups that have an aggressive intent and use aggressive means to gain influence in society. They do this through the duality consciousness. Anything you do that reinforces the duality consciousness actually helps the elite stay in power, or it helps an aspiring power elite overthrow an established power elite.

The dilemma you are facing, and with you I mean people who want to do something about the power elite, is if you organize yourselves and form an opposition group to the power elite and you seek to use forceful means to overthrow the power elite, not necessarily a violent revolution but other force based means, you are reinforcing the dualistic mindset.

What needs to happen is that there are people who realize this and realize that a new approach is needed. There are people who have realized this or are close to realizing it. There are many more that could realize it. You can help this evolution by making the calls based on the invocations we have given about the situation, about the power elite, or about the dualistic consciousness. This can have a tremendous impact in terms of cutting people free, so they can make that critical switch where they see the power elite, but they see the need for an entirely new approach that really has not been done before in history.


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