There is a need for a forum where people could freely talk

Question: It seems college campuses would be an ideal format for public discourse to take place but currentlythe zeitgeist in the universities is that they only tolerate a very narrow range of beliefs. What can we do to help or to change this?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Albuquerque (USA) in 2018.

In any environment where you restrict free debate, there will be some people who refuse to take part in the debate because they don’t feel they can say what they want to say. This means that the more debate is restricted, the more it creates a need for some people to have a forum where they can be free to express themselves and share anything they want. So it would be a possibility not only on college campuses but actually everywhere, to create a certain environment where the purpose is to talk about topics that normally are not talked about.

For example, you could imagine a certain organization or group that was dedicated to creating a forum where people could freely talk about religious and spiritual beliefs without having anyone trying to convert them, without having anyone judging them, without having any sense that there’s only one right belief and that all others are wrong. If you could create a safe environment where people could freely debate spiritual and religious issues, you would find that there would be some people who could be greatly helped by this.

You know yourselves that you may have grown up in a particular religion or you may have grown up in an atheist household and there was nobody you could talk to about your spiritual questions and beliefs. So would it not have been a great relief and opportunity for you if there was such a safe environment?

Obviously this requires somebody who can take the initiative and who can also be a mediator of such a session, preventing it from going into some kind of argument or even preventing some people from promoting a particular religious organization or belief system. This ties in with what Saint Germain said – that we are not actually asking you to go out and promote particular aspects of ascended master teachings or even ascended master teachings in general.

We’re not asking you to create an organization that sets itself apart but if you could create a forum where people can talk about these things freely and talk about a way to raise their consciousness so they get a different perspective on religion then that could be a great service. Of course, you can have other topics. You could have a forum where people could talk about, as you have in some cases, women’s issues or gender issues or generational issues or this or that.

There has always been a tendency that a certain organization, a certain set of ideas, has been promoted through these different efforts. So there could be a great service in creating a forum – and you could, of course, do this on the internet as well, although I realize it is difficult to keep out those who are negative – but to create an environment where people can feel they’re free, they’re not judged. Essentially it’s the same environment as you have at this conference where you are free to share with each other.

Now I’m simply putting this idea out there; I’m not saying that all of you specifically should do this. If you feel compelled from within then of course you can act upon it but I do envision more and more of an organized effort, where someone would see the value of creating this safe environment in which people are free to express themselves. This could become more of a nationwide organization even a worldwide organization that was not trying to promote a particular idea but was simply trying to give people a forum where they could freely talk.


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