There are no dates with some epic significance for the planet

TOPICS: Every century has certain dates – people in the epic mindset read significance into them –

Question: I would like to hear something from the ascended masters regarding the date of the 10th of October 2010. It would interesting to know something about the date 10.10.10. It is considered to be very important date for our planet and for humanity. Here’s an excerpt from the internet: “On the day of 10.10.10 the Portal of attunement of the planet with the new informational blocks coming from the Galaxy will be opened.”

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels (October 10, 2010)

So what about 10.10.1910 or 10.10.1810 or …

You see, there are special dates at the beginning of every new century, and in every new century there are people living at that time wanting it to be a special day with some epic significance for the planet.

Quite frankly, the cause of this is that these people are blinded by the epic mindset and are always looking for something that makes them seem important. As I have explained before, the human brain is wired to look for patterns, and when this is combined with the epic mindset, it causes people to look for any unusual pattern and then assign some kind of epic importance to it.

From the ascended master perspective, there is nothing special about 10.10.2010. And I can assure you that any time you hear teachings that talk about a portal being opened between earth and somewhere, you are not dealing with a teaching from the ascended masters.


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