The will of ego can never be free

Question: Once you have ascended, do you still have free will or is free will connected to the ego?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Estonia in 2018.

Once you have ascended you TRULY have free will. Free will can never be connected to the ego because the egos will can never be free. Your will can never be free when it is colored by the ego.

This is of course where some fallen beings have come in with their reasoning that it is only by rebelling against God’s will that you gain truly free will. But this is a misunderstanding of the reality of free will because the very fact that you can rebel against what you think is God’s will, should demonstrate that you have a free will. Because, if God’s will was not setting you free then the moment you rebelled against God’s will, you should be obliterated.

The fact that the fallen beings can rebel against what they think is God’s will and not be obliterated should demonstrate that they DO have free will. Of course, the creator is not even seeing the fallen beings and is not seeing them rebelling against its will. The fallen beings are rebelling against the will of a god that is their own creation – again, a figment of their imagination.

It is important to understand that when you ascend, your will is free but it is not exercised as a separate being. You see yourself as a being who is one with all life. Therefore you are of course making choices within the context of that oneness so you’re not harming any part of life, including yourself, with your choices. This does not mean that your will is less free. It actually means that as you make choices in the ascended state, you are not creating consequences for yourself, karma that limit your options. Therefore, for each choice you make, you become more aware of oneness and therefore, your will becomes increasingly free.

Once you step into separation and start making choices from a separate self, your every choice will have a consequence that limits your options and therefore your will becomes less and less free. It is not so that your will is restricted in the ascended realm. It is simply that you have given up exercising your free will based on the illusion of separation and you are now making choices based on the reality of oneness. But this is a free choice you make and therefore it does not restrict your free will. You are simply deciding there are certain types of choices that I no longer want to make and that choice is actually entirely free. Once you are in separation, you are not making entirely free choices but once you step out of it again, your will becomes completely free.


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