The weather in the golden age

Question: Dear Saint Germain, can you describe the weather of the golden age? Will there be seasons? Will there be such a big difference in geographic or temperature points like there is today? 

Answer from the Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar for the Liberation of Women.

My beloved, the weather in the golden age will be better. It will be better in many ways. As we move further into the golden age, there will gradually be a certain straightening of the Earth’s axis. This will actually even out the seasons so that they will not be as extreme, but there will still be seasons because seasons are actually beneficial in a variety of ways.

Now, Mother Mary has given teachings about certain natural disasters tied to certain spiritual poisons. As we move into the golden age, naturally the collective consciousness will be raised, it will be cleansed from some of these spiritual poisons, and therefore, you will not have these extreme weather conditions that you see now. We have said before that the extremes of weather are partly an expression of the fact that we are going into a transition phase where many things must be stirred up in order to become visible. As you have this stirring up of the emotional body of the planet, for example, the elementals often react with these more violent weather conditions. This is a phenomenon that will go away in the golden age.

As the collective consciousness continues to be raised the elementals will be set fee from the burden of fear based energy put upon them by human beings. This means that the elementals will be able to bring forth weather conditions that are much more constructive for, for example agriculture. Gradually as you move into the golden age, these very dry desert regions of the Earth will disappear, because the elementals will be able to bring more rain to these regions. You will have temperatures modified so that they will not be as hot, at the same time there will be rain so that many areas that are now desert will become fit for agriculture. This will also be necessary as we continue to increase the population towards the 10 billion mark that is the designated population for Earth, and therefore more food needs to be produced. And so you will see that there will be, in general, a much more pleasant weather around the planet. This will not happen tomorrow or within the next decade or two, but it will happen as we move further into the golden age.


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