The vision for education in America

Question: What is the vision for education in America in general and in particular in the inner cities and public schools?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Albuquerque (USA) in 2018.

Well my beloved, this is a very complex question that cannot be answered in the time we have here. It is a question that requires the input of many, many people and naturally we are working with people who are experts in the educational field to bring forth these new ideas and to take these initiatives.

The one thing I will focus on here is what we have already talked about, namely that there is a way to raise your consciousness and master your own psychology. You teach your children reading, writing, and arithmetic. You teach them about computers. You teach them about practical things in life. But western civilization, not only America, currently does not teach children about the one thing that affects everything they do in their lives – namely, their psyches. This is the one thing that could have a major, major impact on children’s well-being and their ability to grow up to become productive individuals.

I realize of course, that there are some very severe hurdles that would have to be overcome before this happened. Naturally there is a power elite that does not want this to happen. For them education is not a matter of freeing people; it is a matter of conditioning them so that they accept their roles in society and do not challenge the status quo or the elite.

Nevertheless, it would be possible to have a popular movement that demanded a better education for children that made them better able to deal with life and this means they would have to have a basic understanding of how psychology works.

You all know that unless you have some spiritual understanding, it’s difficult to get a sense of purpose in life and without a sense of purpose, well, what does it really do for you to know certain things about psychology? Unless you have the sense that you have the potential to go somewhere and that your life matters, what would keep you out of the party lifestyle or drugs or alcohol or materialism or this or that?

It would be very difficult to introduce any kind of spiritual ideas in the public school system of America, partly because of the separation of church and state. This would have to be a very universal form of psychology but it could be developed and based on the idea of what it takes for a human being to function well. One of the things it takes is that you have a sense of purpose, a sense that your life matters, that it makes a difference what you do, whether you take drugs or whether you don’t take drugs – it makes a difference.

There can be a universal way to simply observe human psychology and say people function better if they have a sense of purpose. What is the most universal sense of purpose we can give people? It is that they can raise their awareness, master their psychology, overcome some of the problems they might have seen in their own family and therefore have more productive and more peaceful lives, so that would be the one thing that really could make a difference in the educational system.

It ties in with what we have said before – that many other western nations have reached a certain state of material affluence where the next challenge is psycho-spiritual affluence or psycho-spiritual well-being. This can be driven by a purely practical observation that mental illness is becoming more and more of a burden to society and of course, to individual people as well.

Therefore we need to do something to help people deal with depression, deal with substance abuse, deal with the sense of hopelessness and despair, simply for the sake of making people have better lives and letting society not have to spend resources on dealing with people’s psychological states. It can be presented in a way that is neutral or universal but it will still require a grassroots effort from parents, who simply demand that their children are given a better education than they received themselves, especially on this topic of the human psyche. This could indeed happen; it could happen for many different reasons. You have the concept of bullying, the topic of school shootings, so many things that could be used as the lever in order to promote this change and demand that there be a change.


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