The Violet Flame is a very efficient technique for consuming or transforming imperfect energies

Question: Through the Summit Lighthouse I have learned that the science of the spoken word and the use of the Violet Flame is the quickest way for us to make our ascension in this life. What do you say about this? Also what about other things that people can do with sound, such as healing. I am very interested in sound healing but do not want to get caught up with psychics in my search. What do you suggest? Thank you for you consideration.

Answer from Jesus:

What you have learned is correct. We of the Ascended Host have used several organizations to release spiritual techniques that make use of the spoken word. The spoken word is very effective, because when God created the universe, he said, “Let there be light.”

Therefore, the entire material universe was created through the power of sound. A thought carries power, but the spoken word releases that power into the material universe. The Violet Flame is a very efficient technique for consuming or transforming imperfect energies, including karma.

However, one must always bear in mind that each lifestream has a unique path that leads back to God. Therefore, even though a spiritual technique may be extremely effective, one should not reason that every human being should be using this technique. People are individuals, and some people might need other techniques to make it back home. Furthermore, much depends on where a given lifestream is on its personal path. At some levels, a lifestream might not be ready to use the spoken word, and if not the technique will not be effective for that particular person.

However, I will say that a very large number of people could benefit greatly from using the technique of the Violet Flame.

Sound healing

Considering that sound is the creative force that the Elohim used to create the material universe, it is obvious that sound is a powerful tool for healing. That is why we have given so many tools – decress, affirmations and invocations – that make use of the spoken word. All of the tools that produce sound are a form of sound healing.

Every lifestream has a unique sound, which can be described as its inner name. This inner name is a “soundless sound,” and it cannot be spoken by the human tongue or heard by the physical ears. However, as a lifestream attains a certain level of Christ consciousness, it can, by making a conscious effort, come to know it’s inner name. This inner name is a very powerful key to healing the lifestream. Because of the nature of the inner name, I cannot give you an outer teaching on this. This is something that each person must attain through inner knowledge. However, knowing that the inner name exists is a good starting point.

Obviously, there are many ways to use sound for healing purposes. I am sure you are aware of the effect of classical music that has been documented by some scientists. The messenger I am using for this website is not an expert on healing. Therefore, we of the Ascended Host are always looking for messengers who can bring forth new ideas and teachings concerning healing. You might want to consider that you could become an open door for bringing forth such new ideas.

Concerning psychics

I understand your concern about psychics. However, if you recognize the teachings that the Ascended Host have given forth through various organizations, you already have a guiding rod for evaluating other teachings and people. In other words, you can only recognize the truth in our teachings if you have attained a certain measure of Christhood.

Christhood gives you the discernment to know what is of God and what is not of God. You simply need to recognize that you have attained some level of Christhood, and then you need to make a conscious effort to increase your discernment. This discernment can tell you whether a person’s vibration is psychic or spiritual.

I must tell you frankly that there is no fail-safe way for you to avoid psychics. To grow in any aspect of life, you must be willing to try, you must be willing to open your mind to new ideas. If you close your mind, you cannot grow, as so many religious people, including many Christians, have already demonstrated.

When you decide to open your mind to new ideas, you might make imperfect choices, but instead of being afraid of making any choices, I encourage you to see them as another opportunity to learn.

Obviously, you never want to give your soul to anyone, including a healer. However, if you exercise due caution, you can always learn something from investigating new ideas or techniques. Simply realize that everything can be used to increase your discernment. If you learn from an experience, it was never wasted. It was not even a failure; it was simply another step on your path to greater understanding.

Use the appropriate tools to pursue the path of personal Christhood. Always strive for balance and use common sense to avoid the extremes on both sides. If you remain balanced and use your intuition to evaluate every new idea, you will find ideas that are valid and useful to you at the present level of your personal path.


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