The value of ascending from an unnatural planet

Question: Are all newly ascended masters relatively similar? What is the value of ascending from an unnatural planet if you can ascend from a natural one?

Answer from the Ascended Master Jesus through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Washington, D.C. (USA) in 2019.

No, all newly ascended masters are not similar at all, because you were created with a unique individuality in the I AM Presence, and you have created your own unique experiences in the Causal Body. As we said earlier, there is indeed value to ascending from an unnatural planet in the sense that you get experiences that you do not have on a natural planet. So, it is not that one is better than the other. It is not that there is any kind of evaluation that, Oh ideally you should ascend from this or that. It is simply that there comes a point where you have evolved on a natural planet where you face this possibility that you could ascend, but some choose to instead postpone their ascension and descend to an unnatural planet in order to have that experience also. And it’s just an individual choice.

There is no evaluation that says that one is better, or that you should do this or you should do that. There’s complete freedom of choice in that.  Of course we could say that, depending on the evolution of the lifestream, there can also be some lifestreams from a natural planet that are not actually ready to ascend, because they have not quite understood the mechanics of free will. And so they will look at an unnatural planet and they will say: I want to change that planet. And that is then what causes them to descend and take embodiment there.


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