The United States is making karma through its current military

TOPICS: The masters have to work with us based on the practical situation and our state of consciousness – not idealist but practical realists – if the top ten percent go beyond duality, nations will follow – during the cold war, the U.S. could have a large army without making karma, but not today – allowing the U.S. to be misused by international power elite – there is never a situation where armed conflict is the only option –

Question: Some spiritual organizations have been big on standing armies, national defense, America being on the moral high ground, but now I see on page 42 of The Art of Non-War says that a nation that builds an army puts itself “in peril.” I remember reading some stuff about communist deception, potential sneak attacks and reasons for a star wars defense. Now deception by the so called arch-deceivers, can’t just go on unchecked. How are we supposed to approach being deceived by various things in the world?

Answer from ascended master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels:

There are cycles for everything. What we brought forth in the past was a message that was very clearly designed for a particular cycle in earth’s history. During that cycle, there was a dualistic polarity between the communist block and the western societies, especially the United States.

If the United States had abandoned its military, there is no question that the Soviet Union would have attempted to conquer the world. It would have failed, but it would have created much suffering in the process. And thus, we of the ascended masters are practical realists. And as I explained, when I was working with the crowned heads of Europe, I was not able to bring forth the ideal solution that I saw, but had to work with the kings in their present state of consciousness, doing whatever could be done to move society forward.

Yet what we are doing today is bringing forth a higher teaching, a teaching about non-duality. And it is our aim to reach the top ten percent with that teaching, so that they can use it to raise their consciousness beyond the dualistic struggle—and thereby become the forerunners that will pull their nations up above that struggle.

This will then lead to a situation where even a nation like the United States can begin to rethink its approach to foreign policy, to national security. And the nation can begin to realize that having an army is indeed a very delicate matter. For in the present world situation, it is not realistic for a country the size of the United States to abandon its military. But yet the United States’ military, in its current form, is in many ways designed to be an aggressive force that can project military force anywhere on the globe, even when it is far beyond areas that are a direct threat to the national security of the U.S.

And thus, the reality is that for the United States to maintain a military as it did during the cold war – to serve as a counter balance against communist aggression – this was not a karma-making situation for the nation. But in today’s world, where the Soviet Union is, realistically speaking, much less of a threat—the former Soviet Union I should say, although there is some reality in still talking about the Soviet Union, as there is a certain consciousness in the Russian military and among some politicians that really have not changed since the communist days. Yet because the dynamics have shifted in the world, it would be extremely wise for the United States to realize that part of its military capacity now has no real justification and thus using that capacity, even maintaining it, is a karma-making situation for the nation.

The invasion of Iraq is a karma-making situation for the United States, for it was an unwarranted use of military force. So you see the delicate balance, that I am not saying that at present the United States should abandon its military but that it needs to rethink its military capacity and the use of it. Even its military philosophy, strategy and doctrine, so that it becomes purified of any dogma or strategy that can allow the United States to be misused by an international power elite, to further their goals of world control.

Certainly, the claim that the war in Iraq was part of an effort to spread freedom and democracy around the world was hollow at best. It was clearly a situation where – using the excuse of terrorism – the United States’ government and military became a pawn in a much larger geopolitical game.

How can you avoid being deceived? Well, by striving for the Christ consciousness that raises your consciousness above the dualistic struggle, so that you can see through the dualistic lies precipitated by the power elites – the many different power elites – that are vying for power and control.

And that is precisely why a book such as The Art of Non-War is designed to help jolt people out of the dualistic thinking, and thereby be willing to question what they have been brought up to see as unquestionable. Including the entire concept – held by a majority of the people in this world – that war is inevitable, and that when certain situations have gone beyond a certain point, the only practical or possible response is armed conflict. There is hardly any situation where there is not a non-violent solution that would bring about a better outcome than an armed conflict.

And thus we hope that the top ten percent will embrace the teachings on non-duality, which we have actually inspired upon many different individuals and even some organizations, so that they can be expressed in many different contexts and therefore be acceptable and understandable to people from many backgrounds. So that, within the foreseeable future, the top ten percent can begin to pull every nation beyond dualistic thinking. For this is truly the only means to bring forth the Golden Age.


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