The truth about original sin

TOPICS: People are not ready for the truth – must accept reincarnation – take responsibility for your salvation – original sin used to build fear 

Question: When will the WHOLE TRUTH about Original Sin be revealed to the general public? The traditional teaching is that “original sin” was a test of obedience. (At least that’s what the established organized religions have used to keep the masses behind a wall of fear.)

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

The whole truth will be revealed to the general public when the general public is ready to hear the whole truth. To fully understand original sin, you must accept the reality of reincarnation because only then can you realize that God has not made you responsible for the choices made by Adam and Eve. Your lifestream made choices that caused it to become separated from God, and therefore it is up to you to make the choices that will bring you back to union with God. No one can do this for you, not God, not the Son of God and not even the devil—although he claims that he can.

To accept the reality of this “do-it-yourself” salvation, lifestreams must be willing to take responsibility for themselves and for their own salvation. This was the essence of the message that I came to bring to this planet, namely that you made the choices that created your present situation and that you can rise above it by making better choices—choices based on the Christ mind.

Because people have free will, I cannot tell you when the general public will be ready to take responsibility for their situation and salvation. If Christianity had not taken a detour into a fear-based approach to religion, it would have happened centuries ago. As it is, it could be a while before the general population is ready to understand the whole truth about original sin.

You are quite right that many churches have used the concept of original sin, combined with a fear-based approach to religion, in order to trap people behind walls of fear. Such walls of fear obviously are not designed to spread the truth that I came to bring to this planet. They are designed to promote the power of a particular church organization and the elite running that organization. As I explained elsewhere, this was never the intent of the ascended masters.

The idea that original sin is a test of obedience is just one among many examples of how the dualistic mind will tie itself into knots in order to make “sense” out of a non-sensical belief. Everything revolves around free will. There was no original sin in the sense that human beings were not created as sinners or created to sin. Yet people sinned by entering the duality consciousness, and this can be said to be the original sin from which all other sins spring.

Once you have entered this self-centered state of consciousness, everything you do will misqualify God’s pure energy, and thus it can be said to be a sin. Many people sin by committing what they are convinced are good deeds. Yet they are done from a dualistic state of mind. Nothing you can do from the dualistic state of mind will get you to heaven.


Copyright © 2004 by Kim Michaels