The true judgment of Christ

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Question: Is it true that “the knowledge of good and evil” was God’s warning to NOT JUDGE? Non-judgment is another word for Unconditional Love. So “original sin” was mankind’s fall from grace when we started judging ourselves and others?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

You are quite right that judgment is related to the topic of original sin. However, there are deeper layers of understanding, and I have already commented on those in the answer to another question.

You are also right that non-judgment is related to unconditional love. Yet I must caution that unconditional love is not blind. There are many people today who seem to believe that non-judgment and unconditional love mean the uncritical acceptance of anything. You can find many of these people in the New Age movement and you can find many of them in Christian churches. Such people have created a picture of me as being a touchy-feely Master who accepted all people uncritically.

If you read the scriptures carefully, you will see that while I extended great love to some people, I was very direct in challenging the misdeeds and the erroneous beliefs of others. I was very direct in challenging the lawyers who had perverted the truth of God and used it to create an elitist religion that kept people trapped in the bonds of fear. This does not mean that I did not love these people. It means that I did not express to such people what most people call love.

In reality, I did express love toward the scribes and the lawyers, but it was a very tough love that challenged their erroneous beliefs and compelled them to come up higher. It was a love that would not leave people trapped in their lower state of consciousness and therefore compelled me to help them come up higher, even if it meant that they would hate and attack me for doing so. You see unconditional love means an unconditional and uncompromising commitment to the growth of every lifestream, so that no lifestream is left behind in the consciousness that causes lifestreams to be trapped in the illusion that they are separated from their source.

This is a point that many Christians have not understood. You will see from the Bible that I told people not to judge, yet I also said that God has given it to the Son to judge and that my judgments are true. The true meaning behind this is that the knowledge of good and evil, mentioned in Genesis, refers to a state of consciousness. Throughout this website I call this state of consciousness for the dualistic mind, and I explain that it is characterized by two polar opposites, namely relative good and evil. As long as people are caught in this state of consciousness, their judgments can never be true because they will always be based on a relative standard, a man-made standard, for what is good and evil.

Only when you rise above the relativity of the dualistic mind and attain the true perspective of the Christ mind, can you see beyond relative good and evil. You can then see the truth, meaning that you can see what is in alignment with the reality of God and what is out of alignment with that reality. You can then judge the true judgments based on the Christ mind.

In other words, a Christed being is not a person who unconditionally agrees with everything that people do, say or believe. A Christed being is a person who has an uncompromising commitment to help people rise above their limitations, including the relative beliefs that spring from the dualistic mind. A Christed being has an unconditional love for the growth of every lifestream, and therefore the Christed being simply cannot leave people in a state of ignorance, meaning as state in which they cannot see the truth of God because they are caught in a relative man-made “truth.” Therefore, the Christed being is willing to make himself unpopular with people by challenging their beliefs about what life and God is like.

The main characteristic of the dualistic mind is that it causes people to build a mental image of themselves, the world and God. This is the idol, the graven image, spoken of in the Ten Commandments. Most people have fallen prey to a graven image of God and the truth of God, and because they worship this man-made image, this dualistic image, they are not even trying to see beyond to the transcendent reality of God. It is a basic fact of life that when you accept an image or idea as being “reality,” you no longer question it or seek a higher understanding. Therefore, the idea – even if true – becomes a trap for your mind, as I explain elsewhere.

It is the role of a Christed being to challenge these mental images so that people will realize that there is more to God, more to reality, than the mental images of their current culture. This is what you saw me do 2,000 years ago, and you also saw that the people who were not willing to look beyond their mental images attempted to silence me and eventually nailed me to a cross.


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