The Treaty of Trianon

Question: The Treaty of Trianon was a very significant happening in the history of Hungary at the end of World War One. The energy waves of this event still have a strong impact on the people embodied in the country and determined their relationship with themselves and the other countries of Central Europe. What was the spiritual cause and significance of this event? (This treaty actually reduced the size of the Austro-Hungarian Empire very drastically, so that what you presently call Hungary is much smaller than the empire was before World War One.) 

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar for the Liberation of Women.

Well, you cannot necessarily say that there is a spiritual significance in the sense that there was a spiritual reason for this event. There was sort of an unspiritual reason in the sense that the Austro-Hungarian Empire was a somewhat artificially created empire that was created by force, and it was as so many of these empires you have seen in the past, created out of this force based mindset that originally comes from the fallen beings where there are falling beings who want to create as big of an empire as possible so they can have as much power as possible.

You have seen in history quite a number of these empires spring up, exist for a time, and then disappear, often as a result of some violent event. You can point to the Ottoman Empire, the Polish Lithuanian Empire, Russia, France, Napoleon, and many other empires, even the British Empire, and even many in the East, and even in Africa. So you have many examples of this, and it’s simply that when you create an empire based on force, well, you will create some counter force, and at some point the resistance that you are creating becomes greater than your ability to overcome it through the force that you can manifest, and then the empire must disappear.

Obviously, you see that war is a process where some will win, and some will lose, so whenever an empire or a nation engages in war, well, it’s a given that someone will lose. It’s often a complex equation that determines which one will win and which one will lose, but someone will lose and in this case, the Austro-Hungarian Empire lost and was therefore reduced in size.

Now, what spiritual people in Hungary can do is to make the calls for the consuming of all energetic records from this event and the impact it is having on the collective consciousness. It’s clear that the fact that so many people in Hungary are looking back to this event, feeling that they were perhaps unjustly reduced in size, that Hungary should have been bigger and should have been a more important nation than it is, this is keeping Hungary from making progress, this is keeping Hungary from moving into the golden age, because you are holding on to the past, a past that cannot be changed.

This is not unique to Hungary, you see many other nations who are doing the same thing. But you also see nations who have gone through this phase and have managed to move on. I would point to an obvious example of Germany, which has, to a large extent, been able to put the Nazi Empire and the mindset of the Nazi Empire behind it. Germany has said: “We would not even want to continue this empire, we want to move forward as a new nation.” And it has been quite successful in doing so. In fact more successful than Britain, which has not been able to free itself from the colonial past and a desire to be a large empire that has a worldwide impact. There are of course many other examples of this: Japan, China, Russia – which still dreams of the Soviet Union – and Putin still dreams of having the same power as Stalin, and many other nations.

You can make the calls that your nation will be able to move on. Until Hungary and many other nations let go the past, they cannot fully move into the golden age mindset. They will be in sort of a no man’s land, where, as Jesus said about the Christ process, you’re not willing to let the old identity – national identity, these old selves – national selves, die in order to be reborn into a higher state, where you can now see a way forward that even given your physical size stills gives you a clear growth path that moves you in a better direction.

This is what I wish for Hungary, and for all other nations who are in this, and there are, quite frankly, many, many nations around the world, who are in one way or another stuck in their past, cannot let go of some event from their past, cannot simply let that national self die so they can be free to move into the golden age mindset and receive that vision for Saint Germain of the Golden Age Matrix for their nation.


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