The three days of darkness

TOPICS: True and false prophecies – nuclear war could cause period of darkness – not likely anymore – still possibility of a major war –

Question: Was the prophecy on the 3 days of darkness accurate and, if so, is there still a possibility that this prophecy could come to pass? I am referring to the third Fatima secret that was originally given to Jacinta, to Padre Pio from 1949/50 to the four young girls in Garabandal from 1961-1965 and to Veronica Lueken from 1970-1995 in New York as well as other places.

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

I would like to begin by giving you the reasons why I generally will not comment on specific prophecies. The main reason is that I do not want people to become co-dependent on the answers I give on this site. I want people to make a sincere effort to build individual Christhood and thereby attain the discernment that will give them personal answers.

There are so many prophecies (both true and false) today that it is very easy for people to become confused or burdened. I see many sincere seekers who are so burdened by the fear of prophecy that they cannot pursue the path of personal Christhood. This is not what I want to see. Therefore, the only way to know whether a specific prophecy applies to you, and what kind of action you might take because of the prophecy, is through personal revelation.

The most important goal of this website is to inspire people to put on their personal Christhood. If I were to start commenting on whether this or that prophecy is true, I think you can foresee that many people would use this website as a sort of clearing house. In other words, people would begin to seek outer answers instead of looking for the inner answers.

That being said, I will give some general comments on the three days of darkness. Throughout history, a number of people have been given visions about a period of darkness, including three days of darkness.

Several of these visions have been valid visions. There has indeed been a potential for an event that would create a phenomenon similar to the three days of darkness as described in several visions. This events was an all-out nuclear war between the superpowers. If such a war had taken place, even scientists realize that it could stir up enough dust to block the sun’s rays.

In some of the visions referring to the three days of darkness, the original vision was valid, but the description given by the visionary was somewhat colored by the person’s consciousness and beliefs. An example is the idea that during the three days of darkness only blessed candles would burn. In a rational age, you do not need to believe in such an idea. This does not mean that you should (as so many people do) reject the entire vision or message. However, you should use your inner discernment and seek answers from your Christ self.

Concerning your question of whether the three days of darkness could still occur, I must tell you that I do not know for sure. How can I guarantee you that humankind will not use nuclear weapons? What I can tell you is that up until the year 2002, a large-scale nuclear war was a real possibility. However, the year 2002 marked the end of an intense descent of planetary karma. Therefore, I will say that I consider it unlikely that there will be a large-scale nuclear war on this planet.

I hope many people will find great comfort in this statement. I also hope that it will not put people to sleep. There is still a real possibility that a large-scale war, possibly a world war, could take place. If you read the news, you will see many signs that point to the possibility of such a conflict. However, you should not assume that a third world war would be the same type of conflict as the previous world wars.

In today’s world, it is far more likely that a conflict will be triggered by terrorist attacks against civilians. If such attacks begin to occur at an increasing frequency, it is obvious that many nations will join in a military action to put an end to these attacks. Once you open the Pandora’s box or war, who can predict how it will end?

I cannot predict the outcome of an event that is so heavily influenced by people who are completely absorbed in the dualistic mind. Therefore, I encourage you to consider directing your prayer work and other spiritual work towards mitigating or avoiding a third World War.

Please take note that I am not saying that such a war will definitely occur. I am saying that I consider it a possibility, and that is why several prophecies talk about such a war. I think anyone with common sense, be they religious or otherwise, should be able to read the signs of the times.

Please do not respond to these statements with fear. Always remember that the key to mitigating prophecy is Christ consciousness.


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