The subject of soul twin flames

TOPICS: Concept of twin flames can become a distraction on the path – you are not alone – from seeking the perfect lover to a spiritual union – your real twin flame is your I AM Presence – no rules for Christic relationships – often preferable to transcend sexual relationship – the illusion of a fairy-tale relationship – transcend relationships based on need – no other person can complete you; only your I AM Presence – seek inner wholeness so you can engage in relationship from position of giving –

Question: Beloved Jesus, I have a question about the subject of soul twin flames. There are many people on earth today who are under the idea that they are meant to come together with their soul twin flame, and then once they find them, they get confused about what they are supposed to do with them. Could you please help us by giving us some spiritual understanding of proper ideas and thoughts that we should carry with us regarding this issue. And also something to think about when you discover your soul twin flame and find that you can’t be together physically. Thank you.

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

Well, my advice would be to forget about twin flames—GET OVER IT!

On a more serious note, follow my advice to seek first the kingdom of God and all other things shall be added onto you. You will notice that we do not speak much about twin flames anymore. And the reason for this is precisely because we have realized that the teachings on twin flames that were given in the past have not really had the desired effect but have indeed caused many people to be somewhat confused. And it has for some people become a distraction from the spiritual path.

The original intent behind releasing the concept of twin flames was to help people realize that they are more than their physical bodies, more than their individual selves. As the old saying goes, no man is an island. So, in order to awaken people to the potential for spiritual growth, we need to help them see that they are not isolated and alone down here, that there are part of something beyond the separate self. And then we can reawaken their longing – that many people have forgotten – for coming into union with something greater than themselves.

There was a time when we determined that people’s state of consciousness was still so low, that the only way many people could be awakened was through the concept that there was this perfect other person out there that would be the perfect partner for them. We tried to play upon people’s desire to find the perfect lover, hoping to help them see beyond this to a more spiritual union.

Which is why we have now given teachings that there is a higher perspective on twin flames beyond the soul twin flames. Which is that your real twin flame is your I AM Presence and the greater being out of which you have come. And that is why I say, you individually should seek first the kingdom of God which is your personal inner connection to your I AM Presence. Then, through that inner connection, you will receive the direction for how to deal with other people with whom you might feel a more than ordinary connection.

There are no rules for Christhood. So there is no rule that if you meet another person with whom you feel that you have a strong inner connection – whether you call it a twin flame or something else – there is no rule that says you have to have a physical, sexual relationship with that person. It is quite possible, and in many cases preferable, to have a friendship that transcends the traditional sexual relationship.

In many cases – when people with a strong spiritual connection are of the opposite sex, and come together in a sexual relationship – it does not turn out in a very harmonious way, often because people have developed separate personalities and separate karma that will clash. And when two people have a strong sense of connection, they often feel that they should have a fairy-tale relationship, and thus become very intolerant of anything that disturbs that illusion of a fairy-tale relationship.

And thus, many people with a strong inner connection have indeed ended up separating in great inharmony because they could not look beyond a fairy-tale image of the ideal relationship. Which truly is an illusion, because on earth you should not seek an ideal relationship, at least not until you have overcome the ego. For when you overcome the ego, you do not engage in a relationship out of need.

Most relationships on earth are based on need. Both partners feel incomplete, so both engage in the relationship hoping that they would receive something from their partner, and that their partner will somehow magically make them complete, and turn them into a whole human being. But the kingdom of God is within you, so if you are to be complete and whole, you will never be whole as long as you look for wholeness outside yourself, even in another person, you will never find it.

There is no other person who will complete you. Completion can happen only through Christhood, and Christhood is an individual path. As long as you think you need to go through something or someone outside of yourself in order to find God, well, you will not find God. And so, you will inevitably come to resent whatever it is outside yourself in which you have placed your trust, be it another person or a church, or a political leader.

Strive for that inner oneness with your Higher Being, so that you can engage in relationships with the fullness of loving yourself unconditionally, so that you don’t need your partner to love you in order to feel whole. And thus you can engage in your relationship with your partner from a position of giving. And that means that you can now reach beyond the relationship with one person and give to all people.

When you have spiritually mature people who engage in a relationship, you will not see a relationship where two people become so absorbed in each other that they have nothing left over for helping other people or fulfilling their role in bringing society forward. They support each other but they do not become absorbed in each other or in their relationship to the point, where their relationship becomes an end in itself, rather than being a means to an end.


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