The spiritual effect of mass events

Question: Are very big gatherings where thousands and thousands of people come together natural or mostly serving some invisible destructive forces? Are personal development events with ten thousand people, huge festivals, sports games or even global meditation events constructive or serving a destructive purpose?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Ending the Era of Ideology.

Well, that depends entirely on how they are conducted, what is the intent behind it, what is the mindset of the people. You can see based on our teachings on ideology, that sometimes people will come together in an ideological mindset.

The typical example is the rallies held by Adolph Hitler in the 1930s, where you had tens of thousands of people in a stadium, being hypnotized by Hitler’s speeches, and the energy flowing through him and with one mind screaming “Seig Heil” or “Heil Hitler” and thereby producing a very inharmonious energy that had a destructive effect. Now, you could say that these people did achieve some kind of unity of mind during these events. But because it was colored by the ideological mindset and directed towards a destructive purpose, it did not actually raise the planet.

Otherwise, you can say that what is the deciding factor on mass events is actually whether people can come together in the state of unity and harmony, where they are not seeking to force other people, meaning they do not have the ideological approach. They are just perhaps, centered around some positive event or purpose. Also it can be that they are simply unified in enjoying, for example, a musical performance, a theater performance and sometimes even a sports event.

Generally, sports events do not produce a high energy, because there is always this influence of the desire for your team to win and the other team to lose. There are some sports events that can have a unifying effect, first of all, the Olympics, where it is not quite as competitive as some other sports. The one deciding factor is of course the degree of unity attained and also the degree of harmony, whether it is a positive intent.

Now it is of course possible to create much more powerful events. If you, for example, had ten thousand people who came together to give decrees and invocations, or listen to dictations, then that would have a very powerful effect. In the Summit Lighthouse, there was sometimes three to four thousand people that would come together for a summer conference, and they would all be gathered together in the same place and they would be unified in giving the decrees and listening to the dictations that were given. This of course had a tremendous effect because the effect is multiplied by the number of people, it is actually multiplied exponentially by the number of people.

This is also why the Mother Mary 500 Vigil is important, because when you come together in a unified purpose, the effect of what you are doing individually is multiplied exponentially with the number of people present. It is also why a conference like this, where you are not physically in the same place, but you are still connected and united over the internet, and you have a common purpose and it is a positive one and this also has a tremendous effect because of the multiplication factor.


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