The spiritual cause of refugees crisis and other problems in the affluent nations

Question: I have a question about refugees. There are refugees coming from the Middle East to Europe for example to many modern countries. I see that there is strong reaction from our countries to the refugees. How do you suggest a better approach, a more love based approach. 

Kim: They have actually given teachings about this before, where they have said that part of the reason for this is that Europe isn’t changing fast enough. These people are coming in and forcing Europe to deal with these issues. Mother Mary will comment on it also.

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Holland in 2018

The issue of refugees is in some way tied to the issue of the homeless. What you need to recognise is that with privilege comes responsibility. Many of the nations in Europe have been privileged to have great material affluence, a very well-developed society where things are functioning very well. What has happened too many of these nations is that they have become comfortable. The welfare society has become the comfortability society where nations and individuals have felt that they are doing well; they are doing as well as they need to do. They don’t need to really challenge themselves any more – they don’t need to really strive for anything because everything is functioning and the economy is good and the welfare is at a high level. Nobody is really poor and nobody is really in a destitute situation.

Actually what ideally could have happened was that during the 1990’s and early 2000’s these affluent nations could have stepped up to a higher level, of among other things focusing on psychological welfare but also on expanding out beyond their own borders and saying, “But we can’t be satisfied with having welfare just for our own citizens, we also need to look at other nations.”

As I have said before, because that didn’t happen, instead of helping certain people in their own nations, these affluent nations are now being forced to help these people within their own borders because the people are coming to them. It is also really a matter of recognising that when you have been given the privilege of having a high material affluence, this is not something just to be used for self-gratification and enjoyment. It is to be used as a platform for spiritual growth so that people can focus more on their spiritual growth and don’t have all of their attention and energy sucked into making a living.

Because people haven’t done this, primarily because these affluent nations have remained materialistic, then they have missed a certain opportunity and in order to give them another opportunity, they are being forced to deal with certain people and certain problems that actually show the limits of their compassion – the limits of their sense of being willing to help other people because there is an underlying oneness of all people.

When you step up to a higher spiritual level, you step up in oneness. Because the nations have not done that – they have isolated themselves then they are now being forced to see the shortcomings of their current level. This does not mean that these nations are at a low level or bad level but it just means that they are ready to step up to a higher level. They haven’t done so and because they haven’t been willing to do so voluntarily so to speak or of their own accord then they are being forced to see the limitations of their current level so they can have an impetus to rise to a higher level in order to deal with these problems that they cannot deal with right now.

You will see that at the current level of awareness and the current attitude that these nations have, they can’t deal with the problems of the homeless, of the working poor, of those who have no purpose and no hope for their lives and the refugees coming in. There will be other problems that will begin to manifest – that have already begun to manifest especially in terms of mental health problems. This will force these nations to step up to a higher level because they haven’t taken the opportunity when the time was there to step-up of their own volition.


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