The spherical consciousness

Question: Beloved Masters, we know that you have a spherical consciousness, and I would like to understand how it manifests itself in action. How do you see, through the spherical consciousness, the world order? I realize that it is challenging for a linear consciousness to grasp this. It is probably similar to explaining to a person from the Middle Ages what the Internet is. How is spherical consciousness developed? Can it be compared to telepathy, clairvoyance, omniscience? The ability to feel what another being is feeling? Empathy? The ability to create with thought to change the course of events? Is it possible to develop the spherical consciousness on earth if one has reached a sufficient level of the Christ or Buddhic consciousness?

Answer from the Ascended Master Jesus Christ through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2022 Ukraine Webinar.

Well, all of the things you mentioned – these so-called supernatural abilities – are not part of the spherical state of consciousness. The reality is, as you suspect, that you cannot grasp the spherical consciousness with a linear state of mind. You cannot even understand it with a linear state of mind. In terms of the spherical consciousness, you can experience it or you cannot experience it. But trying to understand it with the linear mind will not bring you closer to the experience. In fact, in many cases, it has blocked people from having the experience because they were so focused on understanding it with the linear-analytical mind. They were so focused on labeling it and describing it that they could not have the experience, and only the direct experience will, of course, shift your consciousness.

That being said, many people in the world and many ascended master students have started to develop spherical consciousness. The spherical consciousness can be said to be a long process, and the start of the spherical consciousness is really the recognition that there is something to grasp or understand beyond your present knowledge and your present level of consciousness. In other words, we have talked about the mind becoming a closed, self-reinforcing, self-validating system. And this is the simplest way to say that this is, of course, not the spherical consciousness. When your mind is closed, but you think you know everything, but you are not open to grasping more than you know now, then you are not experiencing the spherical consciousness.

But once you make the switch of realizing that there is something beyond your current level of mind, your current view of the world, then you are starting to move into the spherical consciousness. You are expanding your consciousness to become aware that there is something outside your own mind. Even the evaluation that you do not do unto others, what you do not want others to do to you is part of the beginning stages of the spherical consciousness. You are having empathy towards others. You are having a recognition of other people’s rights. And this then goes through various stages, where you become more and more aware of something beyond your own mind, and you can of course do this as you are still in embodiment.

You cannot fully experience what an ascended master experiences, but you can come closer and closer to that greater awareness of something beyond your own four lower bodies, your own outer mind. You become aware that there is more to understand, and first of all, you become more open to constantly, gradually, step by step, increasing your awareness. We can say that it starts with this awareness, that there is something beyond your present level. And then it is just a matter of how high you are willing to go, in terms of expanding your awareness of something beyond the linear consciousness.

We have said that as you take embodiment or even as you start as a new lifestream, you have a localized sense of awareness. You have a point-like sense of awareness. You are focused on yourself and your immediate surroundings. The spherical consciousness is going beyond that focus on self, expanding your sense of self, but also realizing that there will always be something beyond the sense of self you have while you are unascended.

The spherical consciousness is not some supernatural ability, it is a greater awareness beyond the self. There are many people who have come into spiritual teachings, and who have thought: “Oh, I want to have that ability. I want to be able to manifest whatever I want, to change the world. To know everything.” But this is not the spherical consciousness, and striving for this will often block people, because why do they want this? They are still seeing themselves as a separate being, and they want the awareness or the ability as a separate being to do these supernatural things, so they can raise themselves up as a separate being in their own minds or in the minds of others. But as long as you are trying to achieve these abilities as a separate being, well, this is not Christhood. This is the left-handed path where you are trying to become a black magician who has some ability to manipulate things, but it is not Christhood and it certainly is not spherical awareness. You become more and more trapped in the localized separate sense of self.


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