The situation in eastern Ukraine

Question: I stand in solidarity with the people living in Crimea and near the Ukraine Russia border, who no longer wish to live in fear of violence and those people who do not want war being waged over their heads and near their families for any reason and those people who know that there are alternative means other than war for resolving conflicts. Are there a significant number of these people?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar for Russia  – Overcoming the consciousness of superiority and the sense of being unwhole, traumatized and focused outside oneself.

Naturally, if you look at the situation in eastern Ukraine, where there is continual clashes, there are many people who do not want to live in a war zone. There is, a significant number of them, but not a big enough number that these people have determined that they want Russia to stop interfering.

You recognize, as we have said, that the Russian government needs to have some kind of conflict with someone outside of Russia, to serve as an excuse for why they cannot solve all of the problems of Russia. And eastern Ukraine has simply been used cynically, completely cynically, by the Russian leadership. They pretend that they care about the Russian minority in eastern Ukraine, but they do not. They are simply tools in their increasingly desperate attempts to maintain control over Russia. There is no real concern, no humanitarian concern for these people. There is no sensitivity to life there.

It would actually be better for people in eastern Ukraine if they would stand up and tell Russia to stop interfering and accept that they are part of Ukraine and that the future is in working with the rest of Ukraine to perhaps get greater autonomy in the eastern region, perhaps even through peaceful means, divide Ukraine, and they can become a separate nation. Or they can, if they can do this through democratic, peaceful means, decide to join Russia if they want.

But there are peaceful ways of doing this and it would be better for everybody if they would make it clear to Russia that they want to pursue this with peaceful means. This may not have been possible in Ukraine a few years ago, but with the current situation in Ukraine, the current President and government, it would be possible to negotiate a change with peaceful means.


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