The situation in Belarus after the presidential election

Question 1: Can the Masters comment on the situation in Belarus where the people have been peacefully protesting for months after the rigged election? We need to see how the incumbent President clinging by all means to his position of leadership. What could be the next step they can take?

Question 2: I live in Belarus and I asked you to comment on the situation on this country after the presidential election. Shortly before the election, you said that the Belarusian people were not ready for a more democratic form of government and that it would be better for them that Lukashenko would remain President. The overwhelming majority of people voted against him, but after trying to falsify the result of the vote, he continues to hold power with the help of law enforcement agencies and power structures. The protest movement has been going on for more than three months exclusively through peaceful means. How do the Ascended Masters see what is happening in Belarus and what is the current prospect of a change of authority in the country?

Answer from the Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2020 Webinar – Increasing Your Christ Discernment. 

Well, my beloved, the peaceful protests and the fact that they have remained peaceful despite these attempts to create violence by certain dark forces is part of the process whereby the people of Belarus are increasing, or raising the collective consciousness, and therefore they are becoming more and more ready for a democratic form of government. 

Now, we can look at this from a certain perspective and say, if the protests continue and continue to be peaceful, then this will lead to a gradual raising, as it has already done of the collective consciousness. If it continues to a certain tipping point, it may be that the President will feel that he has to withdraw and give rise to a more democratic form of government. And so this may be that there can be a different government installed, or there can be a new election, or whatever the President decides. But you have to recognize here that the sitting President will attempt to influence this process, even if he gives concessions. 

You also have to realize, as I said in my previous answer, that you have Putin in Russia, and he has very specific interests in Belarus, and this is not going to go away by there being a change in government and a supposedly more democratic form of government. Putin will attempt to influence that government in overt and covert means.

And the question really is well, whether the collective consciousness in Belarus is ready to deal with this, are people ready to implement a fully modern western style democracy and thereby break with Russia if they have to. And then deal with whatever fallout there will be from such a decision. So, you see the delicate position of Belarus. Is it even possible right now to implement a western style so called modern democracy in Belarus? That is an open question. Again, I would say right now, it isn’t. But of course, if the collective consciousness continues to change, then that may also change within the not-too-distant future. 

But the situation right now is very difficult to predict. Because there are so many uncertainty factors here. So what can the people do, they can continue to do what they are doing, demonstrate, talk amongst themselves, raise their consciousness. If you are an ascended master student who feel strongly about this of course, give the appropriate invocations and decrees for the situation. But I must tell you again that it is a change in the collective consciousness that will lead to a change in the country. And that is a gradual process, and it will take time before Belarus is ready and the Belarusian people are ready to implement a more modern form of democracy.


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