The seven rays and the material spectrum

Question: Are the seven rays in some way a distinctive part of the physical spectrum? And can they be detected by material instruments? There was mentioned aspects of our eyes and vision as working as the interference with the seven rays.

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2020 Webinar – Choosing America’s Future.

I would not say that the seven rays are part of the material spectrum − in a sense that the seven rays are spiritual types of energy. And the energies of the seven rays are, of course, lowered in vibration to create first the identity realm, then the mental and then the emotional and then the physical. The energies are lowered, but they are not really then the same vibration as what you normally call the seven rays. It is not that your eyes as such cannot detect the seven rays. But your brain often cannot process them.

That is why you have some clairvoyant people who can see people’s auras, for example. All people can see auras, but their brains filter out that as unnecessary information. You cannot really with the physical eyes, see the spiritual rays in the spiritual spectrum because the eyes cannot go beyond it. But you can have a spiritual vision where you can perceive the rays, you can have an intuitive sense of the rays.

In terms of material instruments, well, there are certainly already material instruments that can detect vibrations that are far beyond the material, physical octave. This has already been developed, some scientists, a few have interpreted it to mean that they are detecting the vibrations of higher realms. But it is of course, it is not mainstream science.

You can, of course, detect certain instruments or develop certain instruments that can detect higher vibrations, not necessarily in a way that it makes them visible. But it makes it clear that they are there and must be there. This is somewhat equivalent to what you have with dark energy and dark matter which currently cannot be detected directly, but you can extrapolate from measurements that there must be certain things that we cannot see.


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